R&B singer ” Bobby V ” – adding to the list of L’s for R&B singers all Summer’17

It’s getting pretty hot and heavy for all Summer’17  and the Summer isn’t the only thing getting hot or heavy. R&B singers are yet taking another L for the summer thanks to Mr.Slowdown aka Bobby Valentino. First you had U-S-H-E-R R-A-Y-M-STD being sued for giving his ex-wife bridesmaid herpes, then we had Mr.Piedpiper holding young ladies against their will and you wouldn’t believe what’s being reported about Mr.SlowDown. Her name shouldn’t be the only thing that you don’t want anonymous knowing if she’s a woman or a REAL BOY is important to! You don’t have to turn the page nor turn off your camera while recording me either. Several videos of the R&B singer and hot and ready divas have been floating around blogs as well as social media. Bobby Valentino claims he didn’t know that the ladies were transgenders nor was he paying anyone for sex. Although sometimes you can’t tell, you’ve got to be more careful Bobby V and start asking females for their baby pictures. 

“Misrepresentation and deception were maliciously used to target Valentino; during the encounter, Valentino was victimized and threatened by acts of extortion which continued after his departure was captured on video,” the representative said in a statement to TMZ.com.

Bobby B Exposed by Tranny – click link to view video
Transgender says her friends betrayed her after this <— click the link to fill your cup!


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