Real Women Don’t Need CHILD SUPPORT!


As we all know ” Child Support ” is a touchy subject especially in the African American community. I say it supports your kid so what are you complaining about, but most men call it a ” broke, bitter baby mama hustle”. While it maybe true, but in most cases some men or should I say little boys refuse to man up so you have to bring in the money monster aka Child Support. It’s free to be a daddy, father whatever you would like to be called. It also takes two to make a baby which means if I’m doing the math correctly it takes two to raise a child as well. It was all fun and games while you were jamming R.Kelly’s half on a baby but you really don’t wanna go half on the baby you just like the way it sounds. No, I don’t agree with the saying ” Real women don’t need child support ” it sounds stupid and manipulating for any man to say. What I will say is real women don’t depend on their baby daddy to come around or blast their baby’s father on social media. Either they will act right or they won’t just like good coochie won’t change a man (little boy) neither will a baby. Speaking of REAL WOMEN, a real man will step up to the plate and take care of the child without the need to have the child support people in your life. Now I agree with a REAL WOMAN who has her child’s father helping out with whatever is needed, taking care of the kids financially etc. is selfish if she puts her child’s father on child support knowing he’s doing everything he is supposed to as a father. Now, that my friend is the broke and bitter baby mama hustle! My only advice to the fathers out there if you go half on a baby then take care of your child to prevent from having CS in your life. Here’s an even greater idea keep your pickle in the jar or as my daddy always says put on a Jimmy hat until you’re ready to get married. This just my take on Child Support! I’m always open to hearing/reading opinions so comment. What’s your take on it? Agree or disagree?




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