Catching Up With Judi Jai: Celeb RealiTEA BGC Star – @JUDiJAiKRAZi


I don’t know about y’all but Judi Jai was one of my BGC favorites. Watching Judi Jai on BGC was quite the experience because at times you didn’t know what to expect but she was nothing less than real and you could always tell. Judi Jai made sure you knew she was Creole and made her presence known. With that being said it was only right that she gets a sip of lemonade from What’s In Your Cup. We got more tea than McDonald’s and more lemonade than Chic-Fil-A.

So Here’s Judi Jai ( The Real Mrs.Creole ] interview with BossLady from ” What’s in your cup “

  1. Who is Judi Jai? Where did your name come from? What’s your zodiac sign ( Yes I am a Zodiac Guru ]  – My real name is Judith Jackson. Ever since high school, probably even before then, I wanted to be a VJ like Rocsi Diaz, Carson Daley, and LaLa. I loved MTV TRL and music… which molded the path of me getting involved with the newspaper staff in high school and later going to college for broadcast journalism. I knew being a VJ you would have to have a cool catchy name. I like to be different so instead of “Judi J.”, I decided to be fancy and make it “Judi Jai”. Lol. I even use to draw it all over my school supplies. I am a proud Pisces. I am the real definition of the mermaid of the zodiac, too!!!
  2. What made you apply for BGC? – I totally didn’t want to lol. It was my hometown friend who told me I should totally try out and that I would fit right in on the show. I didn’t watch BGC. I saw an episode of season 4 a year earlier at my other friends house, and this time when I was presented with it, season 5 was airing. My friend said if they think those girls are crazy, the world hasn’t seen anything yet. Lol. So we went to an open audition in Chicago at a bar up north in the city after getting an automated email from producers about it. When we arrived it was thousands of girls who really really wanted it. I mean they came in their best fit, hair laid. They were ready. My girl and I was going for fun. Had a few drinks. I would’ve never thought I would have made it. I know I’m crazy but it was soooo many girls. One thing led to another and round after round I kept making it. The final round of chosen possibilities from Chicago, I knew I was in it. I walked out the audition room from my first green screen interview with a folder with instructions to make a home video. The producer told me she usually doesn’t do this so fast, but she loves me so much and thinks I am great. My friend came out with nothing. That’s when I knew things were about to get real. And it’s crazy because it was pouring raining, traffic was ridiculous, the final Chicago round was all the way downtown during rush hour traffic. I was late. I mean, it was totally the universe working. Proof that “you only lose what you cling to.” – Buddha. I let the universe work itself out, and before I knew it, I was on a plane to Los Angeles for finals. And a few months later, after months of background checks, producers calling my ex-boyfriends, friends, etc for stories and tea on me, I got a phone call on Valentine’s Day 2011 congratulating me for making the show. While everyone else in my Columbia College Chicago class was getting ready for graduation, I was on a flight to New Orleans about to start a chapter that would change my life.
  3. If you could change one thing about your career what would you change? – Absolutely nothing!
  4. Everybody’s favorite question lol…. Are you single? – Nope. I have a girlfriend who I have been with for over two years now.
  5. Who was your favorite housemate on BGC? Who was your least favorite housemate? – That’s irrelevant lol.
  6.  Do you still have to make sure it’s known that you are Creole? – Yes!!! Everyone always thinks I am Asian. I have to let them know what’s up lol.
  7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Any kids? – I will be 33. Hopefully somewhere traveling the world still. I’m not sure about kids. Some days I want them, other days I don’t. I love my dog, Gumbo. I love animals more than humans. Idk. Kids grow up to be adults and they are evil. Lol.
  8. How do you feel about marriage – I am definitely going to get married.
  9. How many siblings do you have? Does family support you? – I grew up an only child. But I have 2 half brothers and a half sister. Everyone totally loves what I do. They think I’m crazy, but they also think it’s cool and get excited, as well as motivated.
  10. So the streets are talking and I’m hearing about new projects! How is everything going with your new project ” Vixen Autumn “? What exactly does it consist of? – I’m working on a second flavor of my hot sauce. “Judi’s Voodoo Juice”. A verde green flavor. That will be released closer to the holidays. But dropping August 12th, I have more bath products coming! I linked up with ‘Body by Nature’, and we are releasing my very own collection. I named the scents and picked them out as well. Autumn is my fave season. I love everything about it. I’m bringing my fans body scrub, body butter, and body oils and body spray. Two scents. “Autumn Dawn” which is a very fall smell, with cinnamon, apples, cranberry and earthly tones, and “Summer Dusk”, which is more sandalwood, jasmine, and flowery scents. My fans will get to choose between the two. A perfect way to say goodbye to summer 17, and hello to Fall! BOO! Lol. I have a lot of things in the works to further my brand, as well as new clothing merch as well. Stay tuned!

    11. August the 9th I’m hearing your new radio show is dropping, what’s the name of it? – Yes! It’s a reboot of my “The Judi Show” which was on (Jermaine Dupri’s site), and my “The Judi Jai Show”, which was on WGTS-DB, which was an internet based show out of Detroit. This time, my show is called “The Juice with Judi Jai”, and will be based out of Detroit and Las Vegas. I will be flying into both studios to record live. Super excited!


12.  How’s the music going for you? Any new songs dropping? – I love my music! I dropped a new single that I featured on called “Hate Now” on July 27th, which will be a bonus track on my 8 song mixtape “Ahead of my Time”, which is coming together and dropping very soon on Spinrilla. Stay tuned. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: JudiJaiTV and add my Soundcloud: judijai8 ! I have a Spotify station, Pandora and more coming within the next few weeks.

image6Listen to my new single here:


13. I know reality started for you on BGC but I know for sure it won’t end. Any new tv shows or movie projects in the works for you? – Yes! I have a couple new roles coming up in the acting department. I also have been casted for a couple scripted tv roles as well as more reality TV. I can’t say much, but I’m cookin. Lol. You can get to everything me, like all my social media, my IMDb page, my book, my Vixen products, etc on!  

14. Who is your favorite artist out right now and who do you look forward to working with? – I love anything Gucci. Always have and always will! Lol. Woo woo. #RIP LO. 

15. What inspires you/ Who inspires you? – my parents who passed away inspires me. They were very successful in this realm. They are my angels!




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