“These Thangs Are Stupid Heavy”, Amber Rose Contemplating Down-Sizing!!!

So Amber Rose(33yo model), mother of one, also known as Wiz Khalifa’s EX-WIFE posted on Instagram this week about her gigantic boobs!!!! The model posted a picture of herself in a low cut black top (see picture) stating that she would like to get breast reduction surgery. Before finding out the size of her 36H boobs(YES! 36H), I was like you(The Guys!!!!), asking why would she want to do such a thing, I just didn’t know they were that huge lol. She captioned the picture saying, “I’m thinking about getting breast reduction surgery, my boobs are stupid heavy, my back hurts, and I cant even wear cute lil tops without a granny bra. I’m really scared of lollipop scars (New technique, resembles a lollipop shape, quick recovery, less scarring). Do you have any advice?” Of course, she received lots of comments from both males and females. Women agreeing that if they are causing any health problems then go for it. And the men. . .saying that it was a blessing, don’t take away what the Lord blessed u with, and how she was ungrateful. Doctors like Jacob Feiman, Dr. Horndeski, and Dr. Matthew Schulman also commented stating that it was a good idea and that she should definitely see them. Stars like Ariel Winter ( who had her surgery at only 17) and Queen Latifah both had the surgery, so she will not be the only one! Since she is thinking about going under the knife women who have experienced the process already has shared their success stories! Women have gone from a drastic G cup to C cups with this surgery. Some women even had no scaring. She asked the ladies who went through with the surgery are they happier. She also added that her breast are in fact natural ( NO IMPLANTS). Will she even go through with this surgery? Do you have any advice? What should she do?


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