12 way of relationships

We are all dreaming of a perfect relationship–one that can withstand the test of time and all of the struggles and challenges that may come in your way. An intense, deep and honest connection that only that both of you know and understand. But, in order to prove whether your man is just joking or playing around, you need to read these list of 12 things :

1. He never shares his feelings with you
A man can just open up with someone whom he is really comfortable or in love with. If he never shares his feelings, thoughts and ideas with your, well, better think again.

2. You only feel his presence when he wants to “make love”
Sometimes, “making love” or having s3xual intercourse is something that can totally change a man’s behavior. This may make him look sincere and passionate about being with you. So, you must identify where and when to draw the line.

3. He is still connected and remains “close” to his past relationship/s
If he is still doing such (more likely if just for nothing and without proper validation), make sure to talk to him with this. It is a “basic” relationship etiquette so therefore, he must be able to know it first hand.

4. He often times make you feel like a total stranger
If your mere presence annoys him, there could be an instance that he loves your “body” more than your true self.

5. He is not interested in your life stories
When he shows no interest in your stories in life and even in your basic information, he is definitely not the man for you

6. He dodges arguments and doesn’t like to talk about it
People who are skeptical in talking about a certain concern or problem are also those who are considered to be hiding something. If he easily gets angry when arguments arises, well… better assess his feelings for you.

7. He never seems to care about the future
If he never plans anything in the future, most especially of being with you, he’s not worthy to be with.

8. He values friends more than you and your relationship together
Because who would like to spend time with someone who is just convenient for them. Obviously, he would prefer his friends over you

9. He never seems to get involved with romantic situations
You know that moment when you arrange a candle light dinner with an extreme love for both of you. And he doesn’t even seem excited? I feel you, girl.

10. You never met his family or know nothing about them
Meeting them is a good sign that he is really serious about your relationship. If he seems to be hiding you from them, there should be something that you might need to know.

11. He never takes responsibility
when he constantly blames you when he is at fault it can be frustrating.

Do you have any thoughts about these? Share this article to your friends and family members and let them know about it too!


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