Danielle Bregoli (14yr) got her fame when she first appeared on The Dr. Phil Show (a show that broadcast compelling real life stories). Danielle’s despairing mom Barbara Ann revealed that she was pulling her hair out over her child – who would run away four times in one day, and steal her credit cards. While her life was laid bare on camera, Danielle became annoyed at the “whores” – aka audience members – who were laughing at her. Turning to threats, Danielle asked the audience: “Catch me outside, how about that?” But, because of her accent, it sounded a lot more that: “Cash me outside, how bow dah?” This has become her signature catchphrase – and a meme which has gone all over the internet.
Fast forward some time later and Miss “Cash Me Outside” has still been having problems behaving herself and we may have to Cash Her in Jail. The fourteen year old allegedly has several charges against her back home in Delray Beach, Fl–According to TMZ–. These charges took place last month. She was only charged with two counts of grand theft (for repeatedly stealing her mother’s car), a count of filing false charges, and getting caught with marijuana. The social media star had other charges, but those were dropped as she took a plea deal.
THE DEAL IS. . .that Danielle will have a 5 year probation and she will be able to serve her sentenced in Los Angeles, California, where she now resides! Will this effect her up and coming reality show(IF YOU DON’T KNOW, WELL, NOW YOU KNOW)? Do you feel like the judge was too lenient? Are they rewarding her bad behavior? Is a five year probation sentence too much?


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