Working Woman Wednesday 👸🏽👜💄feat @theyloveb____


Sent via twitter – 

 I feel like my friend is a hard working woman because she has a 2yr old son that she had at a young age and still manages to go to work as a nurse assistant, sometimes she works overtime on the weekend, and she plan to go back to school. & when she works Saturday nights into Sunday mornings she still manages to get up and go to church. I could say she keeps her son fresh ( dressed ) and in nice things but that doesn’t mean anything because anybody can do that, but her and his dad are still together after years of being friends.

What’s in your cup would like to applaud her for being a hard working woman and acknowledge her on this Wednesday! Continue to reach for the stars for your child because he deserves it. Congratulations for still being with his father that’s beautiful and we wish you many more years!

– Do you know someone that’s hard working, getting their life in order, just an all around woman that deserves recognition email us @ or message BossLady on twitter @BossLadyShante ; please include pictures, social media info ( twitter, Facebook, instagram etc ) and a short paragraph on why you feel as if the lady you’ve chosen should be picked. 


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