Zodiac Signs + Crying 😭

Aries: pent up emotions that slip through in steady streams once in awhile when things get rough

Taurus: frustration and bottled up emotions for too long build up until they explode and tears come streaming down like a downpour.

Gemini: torn between giving themselves a break and feeling like their acting selfish, only letting a few tears escape, but shaking and holding back sobs the whole time.

Cancer: heartbreaking sadness; a roller coaster of emotions that can only be satisfied until they’re all cried out.

Full out wailing and cannot be comforted.

Leo: tries not to let things upset them, but the tears fall only when there’s no one there to see them hurting.

Virgo: can go for a long while before breaking down as everything snowballs. Not one for crying, but hurts all the same.

Libra: endless waterfalls because everything just isn’t fair or isn’t working out right. Too much is going on that they’ve held in for too long and the only thing that’s left to do is sob.

Scorpio: feels an empty dark hole of sadness, but struggles to stay strong and fight the tears but can’t hold them off forever.

Sagittarius: tries to make a joke off of it for everyone else’s sake. Feels too numb to cry.

Capricorn: lip trembling, trying to keep it in check type of tears that eventually roll over once they lose the energy to fight it.

Aquarius: doesn’t cry. Instead, is consumed by emotions that numb them instead. Tears are an extreme.

Pisces: gentle tears that fall like rain from a buildup of stress and disappointment.


Do you agree or disagree with your sign? What do you normally do whenever you cry?

xoxo – BossLady 


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