12 Years Later Hurricane Katrina’s Checks Are Cut! 

– picture via twitter 

Toni Stark ( @ToniNoTiger ] tweeted on twitter ” Hurricane Katrina settlement check. A whopping $62. 

And only took 12 years. Smh. ” 

This tweet sparked the attention of many followers on social media and received a plethora of comments, likes and retweets. Amongst Toni venting about her settlement check others chimed in about the amount that they received let’s just say some didn’t really care and others weren’t happy. It’s unbelievable that after 12 years that over 15 million people were affected and government decided to settle those small amounts with different people. An estimated 80% of New Orleans was under water, up to 20 ft deep in places and people were forced to evacuate their homes and that’s the only way the governing could repay those people. I’m in total shock and in disbelief but proof is in the pudding. ( several tweets and comments pictured below ) 

Link to the tweet : Hurricane Katrina Settlement


2 thoughts on “12 Years Later Hurricane Katrina’s Checks Are Cut! 

  1. What's In Your Cup says:

    Wow smh… I honestly felt like it was a smack in the face myself that’s why when she posted it on twitter I had to post it on my website. 12 years later and people lost everything that’s crazy!


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