Zodiac Signs on their worst behavior ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Aries: Jealous, possessive, mean, fault finding, over-indulgent.

Taurus: Lazy, overly cautious, sensitive, feeling like everyone has bad intentions.

Gemini: Overwhelmed, easily depressed, snippy, judgmental and malicious, fickle, inconsistent.

Cancer: Uncommunicative, emotional rollercoaster, vulgar, sulking, wants to be alone, feels like they can never do anything right.

Leo: Overly aggressive, wasted energy, melodramatic, cold-hearted, distant, feels like it’s them against the world.

Virgo: Attitude, stand-offish, feeling sorry for themselves, self-pitying, really critical of others, lethargic and lazy.

Libra: Dramatic, highly sensitive, lazy, inactive, manipulative, dishonest, lashes out.

Scorpio: Revengeful, cynical, manipulative, highly secretive, a mixture of raging emotions, overly obsessive.

Sagittarius: Argumentative, reckless, tactless, flaky, thoughtless, extremely harsh, volatile, unforgiving.

Capricorn: Snobbish, bossy, less forgiving, sees the worst in situations, hopeless, feeling attacked.

Aquarius: Very guarded, irrational thinking, more desperate, extremely detached, want to be left alone.

Pisces: Gullible, self-pitying, overly clingy, out of touch with reality, emotional, self-destructive.


— do you agree or disagree with your sign ?ย Leave comments below!


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