Males Making It Happen Monday feat Peter Ligon

The reason why I chose Peter for ” Males Making It Happen Monday ” he’s your all around guy he’s funny, he’s charming, he’s sweet, he’s handsome. I’ve watched him grow into a man and it’s amazing seeing him being a father with his daughter. He was brave and served our country and he’s on his can I say this lol Shit! Men like him deserve recognition. 

Facebook : Peter Ligon 

W.I.Y.C – would like to applaud Peter Ligon for being a hard working, funny, charming army veteran and father. It’s our pleasure to acknowledge him on this Monday! Continue to reach for the stars for your child because she deserves it. We appreciate you for serving our country and being brace 

– Do you know a male that’s hard working, getting their life in order, just an all around male that’s making it happen and deserves recognition email us @ or message BossLady on twitter @BossLadyShante ; please include pictures, social media info ( twitter, Facebook, instagram etc ) and a short paragraph on why you feel as if the male you’ve chosen should be picked. 


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