Usher’s Accuser Breaks Her Silence!


Quantisia said while she does not have herpes, she feels violated. Click Link to watch a clip of the press conference below:

The “There Goes My Baby” singer has “allegedly ” spread HERPES like its CANDY y’all!!! More women are becoming BOLD, claiming that they “Got It Bad” from Mr. Usher Raymond! These women reported seeing a “Greenish Discharge” oozing from the Super Star’s penis. (GREEN DISCHARGE IS A NO NO YOU GUYS, COME ON EEWWWW!). Usher (claimed) to reassured them that his STD results were in fact NEGATIVE. Taking his word and no longer thinking of that nasty DISCHARGE, they took his word and had UNPROTECTED SEX. Feeling ill one of the alleged women, sources are keeping her information confidential, emerged the doors of the hospital (like she didn’t know what was going on o_o ). That’s when she learned she definitely had herpes. Sources from communication by publication says that Mr. Raymond settled the lawsuit for $1.1 million to keep it on the Hush Hush! According to Radar Online Usher knew about his condition dating way back in 2009-2010. His lawsuit even settled in 2012!


Usher has been in a media firestorm ever since reports surfaced that he allegedly exposed several of his sexual partners’ herpes. According to reports, two women and one man are planning to sue the R&B icon for putting them at risk to catch the STI, and now the first among them has come forward to reveal her identity and make a statement.

Quantisia Sharpton just spoke out for the first time at a press conference with lawyer Lisa Bloom at her side and had a lot to say about her relationship with Ursh.

Quantisia said she met Usher at one of his concerts on her nineteenth birthday. She did have unprotected sex with the R&B singer. According to Quantisia, he did not reveal he had herpes. It is illegal in many states across the country to not tell a partner if you have an STI (sexually transmitted infection)!

Usher has yet to speak out!


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