Kallee Rosess – Drops Knowledge To Lesbians Across The 🌎 on How She Got Pregnant For $60 😱 via Facebook 

Although we don’t know how true this may be Kallee dropped a little knowledge on our timeline on how she impregnated herself for only sixty dollars. Some people prefer the less expensive way ( free ) sleeping with a male but she just changed the game with this one! 

Kallee quoted on Facebook 

” For those who don’t know, me getting pregnant with my son only cost me $60 👌🏾🤷🏾‍♀️

SN: the $60 I paid was for the insemination kit. The donor. Was free 💁🏾

If y’all are interested in knowing how I got a donor for free, just comment below I’ll send you the website. 

But don’t go on there tryna get pregnant hella fast if y’all a—- ain’t ready. Gay b—– always want kids and barely be ready for em. ” 


Step 1: Free Sperm Donor

Step 2: Click “post a new message”

Step 3: Then fill out all of this BUT don’t forget to also put your email in the “type your message” box as well so they’ll email you. You can ask for pictures, std checks, pictures of their kids or them as a kid. However, you want to go about finding the right donor.

Step 4: Home Insemination Kit // Tenderneeds Fertility Super Deluxe ProSeries Conception Aid

Kallee also adds if you need help with how to insert the sperm YouTube it like she did because she uses YouTube and Google for everything! 

Photo credits: Facebook

How to steps; Kallee Rosess


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