Zodiac Signs In Love – The Good and Bad ** Don’t Shoot The Messenger **


Nothing worth having will be easy and anything worth having is worth fighting for you just can’t be the only one fighting! Today we will be discussing ALL ZODIAC SIGNS and what happens with them being in love ( good and bad ). Now don’t get offended, we are only speaking facts so don’t shoot the messenger!

SOOOOOOOO Here Goes…..





The Good – Will bring a lot of fun and excitement to the relationship. They’re NEVER boring and inspire their significant others to be the best they can be no matter what! If you want to be a bum they will inspire you to be the best bum you can be, that’s just the way they work. Aries are extremely loyal and supportive to those they love.

The Bad –  It’s really difficult to get an Aries to sit still for a long period of time and they can be very exhausting to be around. Aries have one hell of a temper and will have a temper tantrum if they don’t get their way and since being a winner is important to them, they’re sore losers.  They get bored easily so in order to make them fall in love you have to keep their attention.



The Good – Catch a Taurus when in love and you’ll get double the love back. They are very patient human beings, warm-hearted, talented and determined.


The Bad –  Taurus sometimes get completely involved with self and can be very greedy. They can go overboard with rest and relaxation and become lazy. Taurus is the true definition of a BULL and are VERY STUBBORN people! At times they tend not to want to compromise when in love so be prepared to be persuaded into what they want.



The Good – When you’re dating a Gemini you will always be entertained and stimulated mentally. They’re super SMART and amazing at keeping an entertaining conversation. They live for DEBATES and oh did we say they LOVE to debate lol. They can talk about almost ANYTHING with anyone and are still able to expand people’s mind.

The Bad – Dating a Gemini is like dating TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE seriously!  Sometimes it’s GREAT and at other times you’re dealing with SATAN’S SPAWN – sometimes they’re brilliant, talkative social butterflies and other times it’s the quiet, I want to be left alone insane nut case. Let us not forget they can be player made if bored! lol. While them being unpredictable can be exciting at times it can definitely be frustrating and annoying LIKE GROW UP!



The Good –  When dating a Cancer, they will do anything to make you happy and almost always put your happiness first especially when in love. When they fall in love, they feel it in their bones. Sometimes they may eat, sleep, breathe and shit their significant others. They wear their heart on their sleeves but will NEVER regret it. Cancers are very intuitive and thoughtful when it comes to their mates that they will know exactly what you need when you need it.

The Bad – When dating a Cancer sometimes you never know if they are coming or going. They are very moody human beings and there is no common ground with their emotions. They can be extremely needy and clingy which will almost always test the patience of their mates.



The Good – No one can LEAD like a LEO! They’re natural born leaders and no matter where they are or wherever they go they run the show. When dating a Leo they make sure the stars are shining on their partners as well. Leo’s are very generous, thoughtful, creative, loyal and faithful when in love. Leo’s make amazing mates if they are allowed to be slightly more dominant and in control.

The Bad – Leo’s NEED to be in charge of almost everything and almost always come off as bossy, domineering and patronizing. The crazy part of it all is that although they have self-confidence and self-love they beat themselves up over their flaws. Leo’s are jealous at times and can be very territorial and that’s with everybody especially the ones they love. Leo’s require a lot of attention, support, and praise from their loved ones. 



The Good – Virgos are amazing partners because they are always willing to learn so that they can do whatever it takes to make their mates happy. They will try their best to solve any problem, fix anything that needs to be repaired and still have time to bring back childhood memories to make you smile.

The Bad – Virgos worry about almost everything and when they get in their ” I am Perfect ” mindset you can be made to feel like nothing you do is good enough for them. Virgos sometimes feel as if they can’t live/breathe without their mate.



The Good – When dating a Libra loving them comes easily to MOST people. Libras are very open-minded and judgmental people and with that trait, they are always able to see things from their mates perspective. Libras are charming, romantic and idealistic.

The Bad – Libras bad at making decisions and at times that can drive their partners insane. They crave balance and really need it but don’t seem to understand that it’s not harmonious if you’re just pushing down your feelings until you explode.



The Good – You can trust a Scorpio as they will almost never lie to you and are very loyal. They feel things intensely and live their life passionately and with purpose.

The Bad – Scorpions are one of the most vulnerable signs of all the signs which may surprise you since they are good at hiding it with their silent treatments. Scorpions have flaws but tend to be intolerant of other people’s flaws.



The Good – Sagittarius are easy to love because they are so open and fun. They love to laugh ( they are the total jokesters ) and have a good time. They love to share experiences with the people they love. 

The Bad – It’s very challenging to get a Sagittarius to commit to anything especially a relationship, let alone marriage or even getting movie tickets. They get real irritated if they think someone or something is trying to tie them down. They are very inconsistent! Also, they are very reckless with their emotions.



The Good – Capricorns have a great sense of humor ( they love to tell jokes to keep their mate laughing ). They have an extremely high sexual appetite ( you thought Scorpios loved sex wait until you date a Capricorn ). They are very dependable and hard working. They are very loyal once in love.

The Bad – When dating a Capricorn catch then in ” work mode ” and you’ll see them get carried away with their work life. They might not eat, take a break or feel as if they have time for a vacation. They need someone to help them realize that there is more to life than WORK and that you have to live your life to the fullest as it’s not promised.



The Good – When dating an Aquarius there’s a lot of great things to love about them. They’re very understanding, smart, humanitarians( good samaritans ) and inventive. They almost always accept everyone for who they are and you’ll never feel the need to hold back part of who you are with an Aquarius. They will push you to your full potential and will do anything to see the good in you. Aquarius will help you see the world as an unfinished painted picture on a canvas (work in progress).

The Bad – When dating an Aquarius you will learn that they are emotionally detached, so if you’re a person who feeds off of emotion you will have a hard time receiving them from an Aquarius. They are amazing at hiding their emotions because they don’t like to be painted as weak. When an Aquarius is upset with you, you will know because you’ll get the silent treatment and a cold shoulder. They like to keep their feelings to themselves and feel uncomfortable when others become emotional and express themselves.



The Good – Pisces are creative people and that’s one thing you will learn for sure when dating them. They are very deep into their emotions and crave intimacy. When they fall they fall hard for their loved ones. They are tender and generous to those who love them back.

The Bad – When dating a Pisces it’s not easy loving them. Pisces are known to LIE and be very SNEAKY! Pisces fall in love real easy and don’t have a problem jumping from relationship to relationship without any fair warning!

— How do you feel about your sign and being in love? Do you agree or disagree and is there anything you would like to add? Did you read your significant others ( boo’s ) sign? How do you feel about it? LEAVE comments below!!! We wanna hear from you and also share this post with your friends as it took us more than 3 hours because we wanted to be very detailed #ThankYou 

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// Photo Credits: Bing images


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