N.Y. girl pours boiling water on 11-year-old girl’s face during sleepover, police say!!

Imagine sleeping over a friend’s house and painfully being awaken by boiling HOT water being thrown in your face. An 11 year old girl from Bronx, NY. has had this traumatic experience!!

Spitefully , a girl poured boiling water onto the face of an 11-year-old girl attending a Bronx sleepover, police sources said Wednesday.

Victim Jamoneisha Merritt suffered second-degree burns to her face and shoulders in the attack early Monday at a home according to the sources.

Jamoneisha, who also lives in East Concourse, was warned not to go to sleep and awoke to her face and chest burning, the sources said. Medics rushed her to Harlem Hospital’s burn unit, according to a report.

The heinous act was apparently part of a moronic stunt known as the “hot water challenge,” someone boils hot water and dumps it on someone. In other variations, people willingly try to consume boiling water, police sources said.

Merritt’s cousin, Yolanda Richardson told CBS2 the incident began when the two girls got into an argument the night before.

“Her and her friend got into an argument and she told her if she go to sleep they were going to do something to her,” Richardson told a news station.

She added of the moments after the attack: “She said she was screaming, that she was burning.”

boiling hot water challenge2

Her uncle said outside the hospital that the girl was doing well but was not aware of the damage done to her.

“I think the only reason why she(girl being charged, who’s name is not released) in good spirits is because she don’t actually see the damage done to her,” Eugene Dalmida, 52, told a reporter.

“They ain’t letting her see her face. I can’t bear to look at her… It gets me too upset”, Her uncle said.

The 12-year-old girl was charged with assault.

Recently an 8 year old experiecned trauma from this prank as well.


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