Trouble in Paradise for the COWBOYS- Ezekiel Elliot will miss the first six weeks! OUCH 

The cowboys all pro running back Ezekiel Elliot is facing suspension due to allid domestic violence charges, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Regardless, this will cost our boy Zeke 2 million in salary lost and signing bonus if that doesn’t say anything then. If Ezekiel Elliot has ” any additional violations ” of NFL Policy ” it may result in your suspension or potential banishment, ” Elliot was told. It’s very unfortunate that the Cowboys have to take such a big hit without one of their star players but it also says that they take domestic violence serious. Their are consequences for your actions and we hope Zeke takes heed to this and learns from his mistakes. 

Will the Cowboys appeal this decision? Is it fair that he’s facing punishment although it was rumored that he wasn’t arrested? What are your thoughts? 

Photo credits : Google images 


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