Just Because It’s PLASTIC Doesn’t Mean She Wants The Real Thing! 

Sometimes men have this stereotype or this made up imagination of how life is supposed to work in their mind, that just because a lesbian likes to be penetrated that she wants his man tool ( D*** ]. It becomes annoying and I think I’m speaking for lesbians across the nation when I say just because she wants the PLASDICK doesn’t mean she wants the real D***! Speaking from a perspective of a woman who’s been pleased by men and women for me it’s more of a mental connection with women. I’ve had a man give me some good penetration and fire ass head but just because he was a man it wasn’t enough for me. Yes, a toy is shaped like a penis ( we can’t change that ) so a lot of the times we hear ” why you want something that looks like the real thing “? I think I’m speaking for all the lesbians even the bisexuals if  we could have it shaped like a popsicle I think we would be fine with that as well. Just because a woman prefers women it doesn’t strip us from being human a vagina was created to be penetrated and fingers can only do so much like honestly. Just think about a heterosexual woman and man if you’re finessing ( that’s what I like to call it ) her play area she’s going to be pleased but it won’t be long until she she wants that daddy long stroke! There are even some straight couples that use dildos it’s just another option of pleasing the body. Also, just because a female sucks a strap-on it doesn’t mean she’s walking around ready to suck the real thing, it’s a visual for her and her mate. It doesn’t mean her mate wants to be a man ( which some do ) but not all. As people we have got to stop trying to depict everyone’s relationship and putting everybody in a certain box because certain people like different things and something’s we might not understand. Like the old saying it’s different strokes for different folks. So, being a lesbian is nothing different from being straight we like to be pleased as well. 


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