The Uprising Conflict in America 

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the “Charlottesville” incident going totally left and Trump responds back with a lousy response to the situation which was his way of failing to condemnn white supremist. How sway? Trump blamed violent protest on “many sides”. Which in fact we know white supremist were protesting the removal of their generals statue. In result there was at least one fatality and dozens of others injured when a car plowed into the crowd ejecting bodies in the air.

Are we in modern slavery?

Perhaps you’ve been a victim of modern slavery or you know someone who has, its not a good feeling. To walk around knowing our ancestors lost their lives for freedom and many today take for granted. Although I can say the African American race is rising up mentally and awakening. What happened to justice? How many black men and boys are going to be killed on these horrific streets with no justice, but the world wants peace. The world wants what they can’t have like African American boys can’t just walk down the street with a hood on because then they’re victimized, and you tell me slavery hadn’t modernized? Think again!

Unite Peacefully

We as African Americans must take a stand for justice and be an advocate of peace. STOP taking each others lives because it only hurts us as a whole. It also gives amp to point fingers as to why the violence is going on. We must learn to pray for one another and learn to walk away in peace instead of another brothers life being taken away before he could start. There’s so much to change but it starts within. 


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