Ways That I Conquer Anxiety and Depression!

I’m not the type to put her business on front street but I feel like this may help someone like this helped me. I’ve been contemplating this post because I’m no expert or anything, I’ve just found some ways to cope with my depression and Anxiety!

1. Eat Healthy
I notice that certain foods (mainly processed foods) will send me into an episode, well I know for a fact it makes it worse. Eating things like yogurt, fruits, and vegetables improved my mental health as well as gave me the energy I need to be PRODUCTIVE throughout the day.

2. Exercise
Number 1 and 2 may sound so cliché (lol) but I promise it helps. Exercising just overall makes you feel good inside and out. Its like a mood booster for me.

3. Stop Comparing Your Life to Others
Comparing is almost the worse thing you can do. You have to realize that people move at different times. It’s ok to be inspired, but take the path created for you. You may be taking a whole different route than the next person.(You Are) Its ok! Breathe!!

4. Writing Your Goals
Any goal you may have write them down. Even if you feel like its not beneficiary. I thought the same thing until I had a notebook full of useful notes. When I tell you I wrote down everything, I wrote down everything! In the end it honestly was beneficial!

5. Reaching Those Goals by Taking Baby Steps
I do mean baby steps! Work at your own pace and don’t worry about others. One of my goals were to be a writer for a Blog or having my own Blog. It took years to finally do it, I’ve accomplished other goals along the way as well.

6. Just Do It
As scary as it sounds, you have to take that leap. What’s the worse that can happen. Unless you have goals that are pretty dangerous (lol).

7. Enjoy Being Your Own Company
Go take a walk. Go to a park. Just do something by yourself. You may meet some really cool people !


Like I said I’m no expert in this and I do still have break downs, I just learned a better way to cope. Stop looking at your life in the light of others. Please remember that you are amazing. Your walk of life is different. You have to accept you. If you feel like a failure brush it off and try again. Don’t listen to negativity! Trust me I know its hard but to get better you have to try.

Have you found other ways that I did not list? Please comment, it may help someone! Please LIKE, COMMENT, AND MOST DEFINITLEY SHARE!!!



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