Footsteps At Your Door

You see there’s a plenty of ways I could put this about growing up in an african american community. For many reasons we must not forget where we’ve come from. The trenches to entrepreneurs is what I can value with experiences. 

Many households had children with absentee of either one parent or both, and well in that case more than likely Grandma raised you. Of course with morals, values, and ethics to carry you through life. So as you can see the division of parents often made a big difference. 

I know there were times I wanted to stay out past time which was when the street lights came on, everyone dispersed and you better not had been late or you knew what was coming next.

On the other hand you have individuals who weren’t so fortunate. Mama didn’t have enough to equate but she made it all work. So both parties know the struggle and can attest to it. We all have come from a background that no matter what we take pride in our heritage and culture. At the end of the day that’s what made you and I be the individual who  we are today can take loads of bad news and PRAY, can survive off a pot of beans and rice during hard times. Oh yes! Its called history, we made it!


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