Lesbian/Gay Rulebook – This is what you don’t do πŸ™„



As a community, I NEVER understood why we have to live by certain rules to be accepted. It’s either you do this or you do that or you’re not a REAL Lesbian or gay at all. If we want to be accepted as people and for who we are then why do we go against one another and create this fictitious rule book that we quote on quote should abide by. Here goes nothing smh. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ this rule book is as sarcastic as possible!


giphy (1)

  1. REAL Studs DON’T get penetrated because that would make them less of a stud; they might as well be a stem/fem or just say they are bisexual.
  2. REAL Lesbians don’t suck a strap-on ( PlasDICK ] because they might be sucking the real thing.
  3. REAL Studs have never taken REAL penis if they have then let’s question their lesbianism.
  4. REAL Studs aren’t allowed to have children even though we were created as women to bear children it’s still against the lesbianism laws.
  5. REAL Studs don’t show emotion if they do they are weak.
  6. You’re not a REAL STUD if you aren’t cheating or have at least two girlfriends.
  7. REAL STUDS don’t moan or get head!
  8. All BISEXUALS are nasty and sleep with women and men at the same time.
  9. You’re not GAY if you don’t give head ( PILLOW PRINCESS ].
  10. REAL STUDS don’t date other studs. Stud on Stud is against the lesbian handbook and it makes you double gay and we as a gay community don’t approve!
  11. You can’t come out as gay later in life. You have to be born gay.
  12. As a LESBIAN how you start to dress is how you should always dress. smh ol‘ dumb a** rule
  13. Real LESBIANS can’t compliment men because if they do then that means that they are thinking about being straight.
  14. All BISEXUALS are dick dikes.
  15. Bisexuals and pansexuals are one in the same.
  16. If you have more than one child you’re not really gay.
  17. You’re only gay because something bad happened in your life.
  18. All STUDS want to be men since they dress in men’s clothing.
  19. If a STUD wears a dress or makeup for any occasion rather the gay community knows the reason or not they aren’t really gay because switching up for any occasion is against the rules and makes other studs look bad.

Rules are subject to change and any additional rules will be added over the time period as you know being gay/lesbian changes daily


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