Overcoming a Bad Breakup

Giving insight on a breakup what can lead to it and how to overcome during the process and afterwards.

A Bad Break Up & How to Overcome

  Love is a powerful action wors, ask yourself “Could I really see myself with this person for the rest of my life, flaws and all” I mean because of course the ultimate reasoning/goal for being together should be marriage. Suppose your spouse walked out on you and that very action left you to ponder. “Why did that happen”?

Break-Ups will lead you into severe depression, self blaming, stress, insomnia, and even cause you to lose weight from lack of eating. Although these elements are true we can’t fight depression with stress. Play really calm music if you feel the need to cry, write your feelings down on paper to relieve you of any stress. If the person is meant to be in your Life they will be without force or needed justification.

A unhealthy breakup could be severe in the eyes of one it could even make you lose your job due to stress and depression. One should wrap their mind around positive things and people to prevent these types of situations. No one will love you like YOU. “PEOPLE TREAT YOU HOW YOU LET THEM”

We as humans can’t help our feelings that’s apart of our operation. That’s what makes us mankind. Never let anyone abuse you. Mentally, Verbally, or Physically get HELP!

If a person is meant to be in your life you will know because their actions will show. You will never have to ponder and you can be secure in your relationship knowing a breakup is far from happening. Dry your weary eyes find your favorite book, they’ll come back around trust they always do but its up to you. To deal or not to deal! 


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