PROS and CONS of period sex!!!

The thought of period sex usually divides people into two camps. There are those who are totally into it, and those who you couldn’t pay enough to give it a try, which is totally understandable. Blood, and lots of it, just isn’t some people’s cup of tea. But no matter where you stand on the debate, there are pros and cons of period sex that actually might make some of you reconsider (OR MAYBE NOT!!!!!!!!).


Pro: It’s awesome for cramps. When we orgasm, our body releases endorphins and dopamine that are natural painkillers that do wonders for those awful menstrual cramps. If you think Aleve is the only the only way to put an end to those horrific cramps that keep you in bed with a heating pad on your abdomen, then it might be time to try having sex and see if that helps any better. (IT ACTUALLY DOES HELP WITH PAIN SO I’VE BEEN TOLD!!!)

Con: It’s not doing your sheets any favors. Unless you have black sheets, period sex is one hell of a mess. If you have white sheets, then forget it. That’s a stain you won’t be getting out very easily – or, you know, at all. Even Clorox might fail you on that one. (OR USE A TOWEL LOL)

Pro: It can make you period shorter. With each orgasm, the contractions can speed up the shedding of your uterine lining. The more orgasms you have, the more contractions of the muscles, pushing the blood out, cutting down on the length of your period. It can cut down on the overall length of your period.

Con: It will be smelly. Period blood stinks. That’s a very true statement. And although in the heat of the moment you’re probably not going to be focusing on smells all that much, period blood is still a very, very overwhelming potent stench for which you need to be prepared, especially because it’s going to be everywhere. (ITS NOT THAT BAD, UNLESS THE SMELL OF BLOOD IS BOTHERSOME TO YOU)

Pro: It’s intimate as hell. There’s just something about bodily fluids that really bring people together, you know? Or more specially, it provides for a bonding experience, because a lot of women wouldn’t have period sex with just anybody. There’s a vulnerability involved and it creates for deeper intimacy.

Con: Your positions will be limited. First of all, you probably don’t want your dude going down on you when you’ve got blood pouring from your vagina, even if that’s his thing (and it is for some men.) Receiving oral sex during their period can make a lot of women feel really, REALLY uncomfortable. Secondly, thanks to gravity, being on top isn’t a great idea either. You definitely want to be laying down for period sex. (IT’S REALLY UP TO YOU, ORAL WOULD BE THE BIGGEST NO, AND IF I DID HAVE PERIOD SEX IM STILL GETTING ON TOP BECAUSE THATS MY FAV POSITION KMSL)

Pro: You can skip the lube. If you’re someone who’s naturally on the dry side, your period blood is all the lube you need. Yes, it’s blood and a bit smelly, as mentioned before, but it’s also easy access lube that doesn’t require that you stop and run to wherever you keep your lube stash in your bedroom. (Although it probably should be next to your bed.)

Con: You can get pregnant on your period. Yes, there are rumors that you can’t get pregnant on your period, but they’re called rumors for a reason, and these rumors are wrong. Depending on the length of your menstrual cycle, you can absolutely, positively get knocked up during your period, so if you’re not on some sort of birth control, then you should be using a condom. Sex during your period is NOT a safety zone for some women.

Pro: It pushes you out of your comfort zone. If you’ve never had sex on the floor, then now’s your chance, because it’s far easier to clean than the sheets. Or, if you’ve wanted to try having sex in the shower, then doing so during your period is also a great excuse, too. It’s not just about easy clean up, but about finally getting it on somewhere besides your bed.

Con: It makes you even more susceptible to infection. When you have your period, your cervix is most open during your cycle to allow for, well, all that blood to escape your body. Because of this, you’re more likely to get viruses and infections, including, but not limited to yeast, bacterial, and STIs. Since this is the case, even if you are on the pill, you still want to opt for a condom. Even if you know your partner doesn’t have any STIs, you still want to avoid any possible other infections. Yeast infections may not be a big deal, but man oh man, are they a pain in the ass.



4 thoughts on “PROS and CONS of period sex!!!

  1. Brandi Murray says:

    I’m a lesbian and have period sex with my wife. It is very intimate and I love going down on her while she is on her cycle. It took me a while to make her comfortable, but now she’s as into it as I am.


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