Kim Kardashian-West Gets Cooked For Defending Racial Makeup Artist



As you know the Kardashian sisters stay in trouble because they are always talking out of turn or adding fuel to some type of fire. Months earlier Kylie and Kendall were trolled on twitter for posting their faces over photos of legends such as Tupac, Biggie also to include Pink Floyd and selling them on their website. Which they took down and sent out the SAME weak apology. It seems trouble never leaves the Kardashian/Jenner family ever. Just yesterday Kim Kardashian-West defended Jeffree Star telling the world to get over previous racial slurs from Mr.Star claiming that he already apologized for his actions. Kim Kardashian has been trending since yesterday as twitter users had so much to say and the main point that stuck out ” How can you defend racism when you have two biracial children “? Which we definitely agree on that! Makes you wonder why did Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé stop being friends all of a sudden? Like how do you make it okay for someone to say racial things knowing that you are raising two biracial children in your home? We wonder if Kim Kardashian is aware that one day she will have to tell North and Saint about their skin complexion and why others hate them over something they have no control over. We assume Kim Kardashian was tired of the slander on twitter and decided to come with a weak apology. Apolo’lying is something her family seems to be good for and they would make great lie-awyers or maybe not because twitter wasn’t accepting her apology at all there were tweets of angry fans stating that the next step would be to boycott the Kardashian’s because they were tired of their nonsense. Hmm.. I wonder how they will dig themselves out of this hole this time? 


As you know W.I.Y.C comes with receipts * side eye * check out some of the trolling tweets from yesterday and today below….



Link to Jeffree Star’s video that was posted on twitter from another user outing the makeup artist : click here

How do you feel about Kim Kardashian defending Jeffree Star and then apologizing?  What is your take on the issue?


Photo Credits: Bing Images/Twitter


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