Reason’s Why Cyber Bullying Won’t Go Away!

Blog By: Alex W

The Unfortunate reasons why cyber bullying won’t completely go away…


Before I get into details about this topic, let’s ensure that we all know what cyber bullying means or “is”. Cyberbullying is an exchange of harsh, mean, cruel words to someone over the internet with the potential to hurt the targeted person’s feelings, including, mentally and emotionally. Now we all know a cyber bully is still a regular bully. The only difference is, instead of using their mouth, they’re using “twitter fingers”. Now that’s a brief definition of cyber-bullying which we all knew before I explained its definition(just trying to make sure we were all on the same page, don’t laugh at me) so now let’s get to the topic, why can’t cyber bullying completely go away? This issue has been going on for many years and yet it still remains an issue in 2017. Ever wondered why it still remains an issue? Even if you haven’t, now it’s your time to learn something new! So, moving forward, let’s explore some of the potential reasons why.

  • First things first, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey aren’t going to shut it down

Let me explain: Mark and Jack are the founders of the top social medias that are heavily used by celebrities and us “regular” people. Mark is the founder of Facebook and Jack is the founder of twitter. If this world was so simple and easy, these two guys could easily shut down these medias but unfortunately, the world isn’t so simple and easy. Secondly, These two guys are getting paid for building a foundation on these sites so money is definitely talking in their case but we won’t get into detail with that because math is not my friend LOL. We also need to stay connected with the world; including, our jobs, family, friends, businesses and even the news. Our world has expanded itself into social media so much that it’s too impossible to erase them completely. Now, is it all bad? No, but if we look at it on the other side, even the meanest people have access to these sites as well. Trump is definitely doing numbers on twitter smh.

  • Celebrities cyber-bully too 

Let me explain: believe it or not, celebrities can have an impact on teen influence too. Listen to the way they say certain things and even how they dress. Even the 15 yr olds are trying to get lip fillers to look like “Kylie Jenner”. What about cyber bullying influence? Oh most certainly. When celebrities cyber bully each other, it’s viewed as “twitter wars” or “celeb beef” and people especially teens become easily tuned because of the words “wars” and “beef”. When celebrity “beef” is occurring, they are quickly posted on other sites and are sometimes asked “whose side are you on?” instead of composing uplifting messages to assure that it’s not okay to treat one another in a wrongful manner especially, online. Remember when Blac Chyna posted a pic on Instagram with fake big lips? To jog your memory, this was when Kylie Jenner was dating her ex Tyga and news were speculating that Chyna wasn’t too fond of it or Kylie Jenner. Now, it’s one thing to be petty but to be grown and pick fun at a then 18 yr old? Come on Chy.



  • Reporting or blocking can only go so far

Let me explain: when you block someone or report someone, it’s a temporary fix. When reported, The person’s account could be suspended for a few days and after those days are up, they’ll be able to retrieve their account back. As for blocking, well blocking helps a little more than reporting I should say because that person is removed from your presence but as broad as social media is, people tend to still find their way back on your timeline. Sighs. Still, love your report and block option but that’s the ugly truth.

– We live in society where negativity is valued

Let me explain: No matter what, some people on the internet will always find a way towards negativity and hate. Hate groups are even using the web, they have their own websites for crying out loud. How can we eliminate cyber-bullying when hate and other negative sources are still being uplifted? Body shaming has been one of the top sources of cyber-bullying. Take a look at what recently happened to Karrueche Tran when she posted a pic flaunting her petite body and received many backlashes for it. A few commenters were referring to her as “bones”. In order to change, society has to love one another. Love is the important key and yet, society still trying to look for that key. Clearly!


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