Important – Back To School Life Hacks

As you all know it’s that time of the year again. It’s that time where kids want to stay up late at night but will dread getting up early. It’s that time of the year that all parents love because they can get things done without having to pay for daycare or find a sitter. You know what time of the year I’m speaking of BACK TO SCHOOL! Just a quick mini list of back to school hacks….


  • When helping your kid with math and you don’t know the answer to the question, you can visit (mathway ]  click here which will solve all kinds of math homework problems and provide you with step by step explanations.
  • Allowing your child to study for 30-60 minutes ( with 10-minute breaks in betweenis the most effective way for them to retain the information.
  • Go through a trial week before school starts – a week before school starts use an alarm to wake up, shift the bedtime each day to rise 15 minutes early and have your children get ready like they would on a school morning. Then allow them to go about their summer day.
  • Pick out school outfits the night before – hang it by their bed; this teaches independence and makes getting ready for school much easier.
  • Set up STORAGE LOCKERS – Keeping backpacks, coats/jackets, and shoes in the same place every day is essential for a successful morning routine. Set up individual storage lockers for multiple kids.
  • Encourage one another at the breakfast table – Have each child say something positive to start the school day. Positivity keeps the negative vibes away!

*** Side note: will continue to add to the list before school starts back but you feel our drift ****


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