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1. Not a question but Introduce yourself to ” What’s In Your Cup “. – Hey y’all hey,👋🏾 you can call me Dotie. I’m a 26-year-old, Dallas Native Leo out here in these skreets thuggin! Lol jkjk but seriously, my last name is Dotie, first name Keomi. I’m a Dallas native who graduated from skyline high school. Went to college out in Houston and Dallas, and decided to become a cosmetologist after not agreeing with the typical 9-5 standard. I have 2 dogs, no children, and I’m looking to leave my mark in the world by understanding and educating the natural hair community with a focus on Locs(dreadlocks).

2. I ask this question almost every blog interview lol don’t judge me but I am a Zodiac Guru… What’s your Zodiac Sign? – Leoooooooooo 🦁

3. How long have you been doing hair/dreads period? – Started doing hair in 2012 and then switched my focus over to dreadlocks in 2014

4. Do you only specialize in dreads? What other hairstyles are you capable of doing? – My focus is dreadlocks. With other hairstyles, I try to stay away from chemicals as much as possible. So typically anything pertaining to someone’s natural curl pattern and finding different styles and regimens to keep their hair and scalp healthy is what I go for. That service for me can range from minimal Swipe silk presses to crochet, to twist outs, or just focusing on keeping your natural hair healthy with a deep conditioner and a trim. Natural hair doesn’t necessarily pertain to mean a specific race or curl pattern, I just like healthy hair in general. I’m in the “long and and full edges” profession. 😊

5. What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced during your career? – Keeping myself motivated from letting go and saying “fuck that shit, fuck this shit” and just learning the lessons from the good and bad situations. Or bringing out my unprofessional side due to the trolls or Debbie Downers, not letting people suck out too much of my energy, cause there are vultures out there just want to put you down in a negative space and keep you there, and not here for that. I’m reclaiming my time. 
6. What would you change about your career? – At this point, nothing. I’m excited with what I’ve decided to do for a living, I don’t go to work every day dreading work. Each day is something new and exciting for me from the different people that I meet from all over the globe to the different hairstyles that I’m learning, to how to maintain them all properly with different tactics. If I had to “change” anything I have to change the way that I perceive myself in this hair business. I always think that none of the work I do is ever good enough, and I need to take the time to sit back and actually look at where I’ve grown from. 

7. This has nothing to do with your career but our readers want to know. Are you single?- Yes, I am. A lot of people say I look really bougie or intimidating because I don’t talk or because I have my normal resting bitch face on however I’m approachable for a non BS convo 😂
8. What other talents do you have besides the one we are discussing? – I am a big advocate for artistry pertaining to the arts, I like to paint, I also like to sing. I like finding things on Pinterest and doing little DIY projects and hanging them up or making something for family members
9. I saw you post a picture and now you have your own shop, How is it? – Love is probably an understatement😂. I have been doing booth rent for almost 3 years, so just somewhere where I can personalize my own space and make my own aura for my clients to come into it feels amazing. 
10. How would someone book an appointment with you? – They can go on my website www.dreadsbydotie.com. Or if they are looking for the link directly I try to post it under all my social media postings which are 
Please Book online at 


11. What advice would you give to someone stepping in your career field? – Don’t take no for an answer and always look for different avenues for education on your craft.

12. Would you like to add anything else that we didn’t cover?

Facebook: Dreads by Dotie

Website: http://www.dreadsbydotie.com

Instagram: Dreadsbydotie

Yelp: Dreads by Dotie

Google: Dreads by Dotie

YouTube: Dreads By Dotie


Thanks for giving us the tea on #GetDoneByDotie and we will drink to that!

Much love ❤️ 



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