Say Goodbye to those Monday Blues!

Are you one of the many who dreads Sunday evening as it means Monday is approaching quickly? Do you find that your more unmotivated, less energetic, more pessimistic than optimistic once Monday morning rolls around? Well, don’t worry because today I am going to share one of all time favorite fixes to help tackle your “Monday Blues”. Hope you enjoy and if you have any of your own personal tips you’d like to share, be sure to leave them below in the comments section. I’d love to hear any ideas you may have!

Whether you’re in school, have a job, are a stay at home mom/dad, or self-employed, Monday’s tend to be one of the more undesirable days of the week. At least they have always been that way for me; that is until a few months back when I came up with the perfect way to cure my “Monday Blues”. I started by having something specific that I enjoyed happen every Monday. This way when Sunday night rolled around and I was beginning to mentally prepare for the next day, I was excited for tomorrow instead of wishing I could sleep the day away.

The best part is that this doesn’t have to be one specific thing; it could be anything from wearing a certain clothing item or outfit, wearing your favorite lipstick color, or even going somewhere you really love. As long as it is something that you truly enjoy and get excited about doing, it will work.

For me, I’ve always been really fond of collecting phone cases for whichever current iPhone model I have. One of my all-time favorite companies is a company called Wildflower Cases. They are a family-based company out of California and they hand make each case so no two cases are the same. The backstory behind how the company got started is incredibly beautiful, and not only are their cases excellent quality and amazing protection, but they are also super trendy and have even been used by some celebrities! That being said, one of my all-time favorite designs are the White Marble Case (in fact the whole marble phone case trend was started by them). Now that I have the case for my current iPhone, I decided that every Monday, it will be #MarbleMonday and I will get to use this specific case all day. Sometimes I even try to do a post on social media celebrating #MarbleMonday. I don’t switch to this specific case until I wake up that following Monday morning. This way, if I’m feeling like hitting the snooze button permanently, I remember today is #MarbleMonday and that automatically makes me happy and want to get up. I also make sure the phone case is placed somewhere requiring me to get out of bed, just in case I’m feeling a little less motivated. Then once I’m up, I’m up, and before I know it my day is halfway over.

Now I understand that this specific example will not work for most people, but it is the concept that is important. Like I mentioned earlier, it can be anything that brings you great amounts of happiness. It is the whole idea of having something to look forward to before you even start your day, that in return changes the negative thoughts you may associate with Sunday night or Monday morning, and focuses your energy in a more positive way.

So next time Sunday night rolls around, prepare yourself for the next day by getting or focusing on the one thing (whatever that may be), that truly makes you happy and prepare to conquer those “Monday Blues”! Oh and always remember, no matter what the obstacle is….YOU GOT THIS!


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