Toys and Pleasure feat @YnoTRockIT

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This morning I stumbled across a very interesting thread via twitter about “ toys and pleasure “. I thought to myself this morning that there was no way I was going to skip featuring this interesting thread on WIYC! Often people purchase toys for the pleasure of self not thinking of their significant other. Now understanding if it’s just someone you’re boning then I can see why you wouldn’t come together to pick the toy that’s right for both but if this is someone you see yourself with then there is no reason you should be selfish. Often we purchase toys too big and uncomfortable for the one we are pleasing just because we feel as if we have a point to prove but what’s the point of proving a point if you aren’t PLEASING?

1. BE REALISTIC – If you’re getting a toy for self pleasure be considerate don’t get a huge dildo and don’t get a spinning flashlight! this then results in you preferring self-pleasure over sex with your partner. You just doomed your sex life because your toy is bigger or better.

2. GET TOYS YOU CAN USE TOGETHER – Get d*** rings that will stimulate her clit or purchase a clit simulator and play with one another!!

3. ALWAYS CHOOSE A TOY WITH YOUR PARTNER – something as simple as a toy can spark a sexual insecurity so always run it past your partner. Plus it shows them that you are being fair and taking their feelings into consideration.

4. LUBE IS YOUR FRIEND – Use lube guys, it makes it so much more fun!!!

5. ALWAYS ASK AND SUGGEST – You’ll never know what they might be curious about so ASK..or SUGGEST if you have any ideas. Things will be smooth sailing by using our toy and pleasure 101 guides lol.



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