Walk within your truth


Nobody knows what it’s like to be hurt. Be hurt and not be heard, Most people think you’re playing the victim all the time but when you look at reality you’ve been the victim all of your life. Being molested at a young age and not knowing what’s really going on but you deal with life. Being told to perform oral and not realizing what you are about to do. Then you finally find love within yourself but not sure if you’ve walked within your truth. You know what love is like and then someone robs you of that. Like a thief in the night, you’re lost and confused. They tell you, NOBODY will ever love you, they tell you that you’re not beautiful, you need to be this/that, you’re too skinny/too fat. They shame you for everything that you are for something that you’ll never be. You have issues with mom thinking that you’ll never have the relationship you’ve always wanted. You try to smile to keep from crying but on the inside, you’re dying. They tell you that you’re strong but on the inside, you don’t feel what they are seeing. Or maybe you’ve lost hope because daddy wasn’t around growing up so you look for a father within every man you come across or the streets raised you because daddy wasn’t around. Whatever it is that you’ve been through you are strong then you imagine and you can rise above. My favorite quote that gets me through each day ” focus on YOU until the focus is on YOU “. You can’t make anybody love you not mommy or daddy! You have to take time out to love your flaws and all. Sometimes may be harder than others but it all gets better. Find what motivates you, stick to it and rise above any occasion. You don’t have to look like what you’ve been through. If the one you fell in love with doesn’t love you find peace within self and move on life is too short to be trying to teach someone to love you and coaching someone on how to treat you. You are fine China stop allowing people to treat you like a paper plate! At times we question are we hard to love and are we asking for too much in reality we aren’t that person just isn’t ready. We are queens and kings and we should be treated as such. You only get one mother and father if you don’t have a relationship with one or the other or even both pray about it and move forward you only get one. I can only speak from experience it gets greater later.


Much love 



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