Don’t Forget About SELF!

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Often you will find out that WIYC is more than your typical blog and when I say that I mean your typical celebrity gossip, news headlines etc.  Here you will find Zodiac signs, words of encouragement, recognizing and uplifting one another. Self-love is VERY important it’s almost like the most important meal of the day which is BREAKFAST! In life, we are selfish and unfair to ourselves. We get so caught up in wanting others to feel what we’ve never felt that we forget about SELF. Self-love is very important! Self-love is one of the most important forms of love. Who better to love yourself than you? Nobody in this world will love you more than you love yourself beside the man upstairs ( or whoever you believe in ). Next our parents they always tend to give us that unconditional love and then you have those that didn’t have such a great relationships with their parents or family in general and end up searching for that love within their partner. Love is not only felt but taught something I’ve always believed. How do you expect the one you’re loving to love you if mommy or daddy wasn’t around? How do you expect the one you’re loving to know love if the one person placed on earth to teach them, love, was absent from their lives. We never think about it in that sense but it’s the reality of it. In order to love you have to first know love and what love truly feels like. Real love is unconditional, real love doesn’t hurt, real love doesn’t boast or brag, real love forgives, real love is understanding but to first know TRUE love we must first love self because self-love is the most important there is!


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