Life Motivation

Have you ever felt like the world was literally on your shoulders?

That everything was coming crashing down all at once?

Felt like nothing you ever did was right?

We’ve all been there.


Life can be hard but we have to keep pushing on to make things work. Things may get hard or things may not go the way you want them, but you have to keep going. Keep persevering.

In life, we have challenges that we have to face but it is up to us how we complete those challenges. Things won’t always go our way, but we have to put on our big people underwear and keep pushing.

In order to make your life the best life possible, you have to take a stand and say this will be the best day or today will be a good one. You have to take that stand. Life is what you make it.

Life can be like dancing in the rain. You just have to learn how to take the hand that life gives you, and play it accordingly. During a certain season the hand that life deals you may get tough, and you may want to give in but you have to keep pushing.

There is someone somewhere who wished they had the opportunity to live the life you are living.

Cherish your life. Smile more. Angry less.

Life is too short to be sad, unhappy, and miserable.  Live your life like today is your last day.  You will be glad you did. SMILE!





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