Duh She’s Still A Woman!

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Is she a woman or is she a man? Is she a woman or is she a man? Just because the dominant lesbian wears men’s clothing doesn’t mean she wants to be a man! And if she does then she’s no longer a dominant lesbian that would then mean she’s a transman (female to male). A lot of the time people get it twisted thinking that studs, butches, dikes, carpet munchers ( whatever your definition is for a dominant lesbian ) don’t have a feminine side just because of their outer appearance. A lot of the dominant lesbians I’ve come across happen to be more feminine than most feminine women I know. Just because a woman decides ” hey I’m more comfortable in men’s clothing it doesn’t take a way the fact that she pisses sitting down unless she’s a genius and can master peeing standing up but that’s a different story for another blog. You have those people who have created their own rule book which we’ve talked about before. What they’ve done is try to make it difficult for a dominant lesbian to be a lesbian well woman period. Dominant lesbians for some odd reason have organs that the man upstairs gave them but they aren’t allowed to use them because they’ve already chosen their path in life let the close minded heterosexual world tell it. By the way, this isn’t for every heterosexual because not all of them think this way, only some that feel like it’s either this or that which isn’t the way this world works. Also, feminine lesbians just because you’re dating a dominant lesbian doesn’t mean you have the right to treat her like less than what she is ” A WOMAN “. Studs/dikes/butches deserved to be wined and dined, they deserve to have flowers delivered at work. They don’t always have to pay for dinner and a movie. Lipstick lesbians it’s okay for you to pull out that Visa or MasterCard sometimes and say, “baby, you don’t have to pay I got it”. At the end of the day no matter what clothing they decide to purchase they are still A WOMAN and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. It seems nowadays in order for the world to hush about things like this you have to have a little money or be Ellen, Queen Latifah, Da Brat or Mc Lyte just to name a few. I  personally feel like if everybody stayed in their lane then there would be fewer confusions. Steve Jobs never worried about Bill Gates if you feel my drift.

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