Houston aka @UncleRush we have a PROBLEM – We don’t have access to our funds Thanks RushCard!

You would think since you get paid your funds on time you would have access to your funds when you need them on time right? Leave it up to UncleRush and his ( RushCard ]  company leaving thousands without access to their funds within these last few days. This isn’t the first time this has happened and by the looks of it, it probably won’t be the last. “Calling customer service has been painless”, says thousands of rush card users. When you call customer service they are misleading and are unable to give you any information about their system glitch. After doing some research, we ran across a few articles, back in 2015 NewYork times posted an article about Rushcard breaking down and affecting thousands of people. You would think since the company has been around since 2003 there wouldn’t be as many issues as they’ve had over the years but that isn’t the case. Rushcard’s are amazing for low-income families but when you have these type of issues having the card becomes useless. Back in 2015, when the company had one of its ongoing system glitches, a woman reported she was unable to pay for her husband’s heart medication due to her not having access to her funds. You would think with everything going on in this world that this would be the least of everyone’s worries but it has done nothing but add on stress to thousands of Rushcard users across the nation. Another lady reported how she was unable to purchase food or pay bills at the time of the system glitch, she knew her funds were there she just couldn’t access them for days. Just imagine having the funds to pay a bill but not able to pay them due to your prepaid card’s system glitches. It’s like you pay all of these monthly fees, the least the company could do is make sure that their users have access to their funds, says another card holder. Thousands of tweets and posts have been uploaded to Twitter and Facebook of furious Cardholders upset about what they have experienced. Of course, you know we have receipts and will post them below. 

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How would you feel? What do you think you should be done? Drip some lemon in our comments while we feel your cup…


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