How To Have Fun on a budget – Thanks to @Groupon !

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Most people think having fun consists of having all the money in the world ( although I’m sure anyone reading this post would love to have all the money in the world ] you don’t have to have all the money in the world. You can have just as much fun on a budget and I’d like to give all thanks to Groupon for making it possible with their discounts and deals to steal! 

Here are a few suggestions from W.I.Y.C

  • The Escape roomeach game starts with a locked room filled with fun, hidden clues participants work against the clock to find clues and find the key to escape. Sounds like lots of fun huh? Well, it is! This is perfect for a date for two, double dating or just some ultimate family fun. Prices range anywhere from $24-$167 but for multiple people, not just one person.


  • Paint with a twistGuests get to discover a popular local bar or restaurant and spend two hours creating their ultimate master piece and sip cocktails or whatever drink may be provided. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to depict that this would be for adults only! Prices range anywhere from $25-$99 depending on which venue you decide to participate at. Prices are for more than one adult might we add.


  • Studio Movie Grill – Catch a new release and grab a bite to eat! One movie ticket per person. Tickets are only $5 via Groupon ( Good steal ] this is perfect if you want the kids to enjoy a night out or if you wanna take your significant other out and have a great time ( dinner, movie and a drink or two ].


  • Ziplining – this can be fun for everyone.  Zipline for cheap by purchasing your tickets on Groupon ( if available in your area ] Price ranges anywhere from $55-$396 for multiple people. Please read the fine print on Groupon tickets as well. 


  • Kayaking  This is for those that love water and exploring. This is perfect for family or a surprise date night for you and your significant other! Price ranges anywhere from $12-$107 for single admission/multiple people (depending on your location).


The list will update as we explore Groupon a little more but here are some ideas … HAVING FUN on a BUDGET!


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