How to survive a breakup 101.

Moving on is hard to do. Some people move on within weeks, some take months, and some take years. No matter the time that it takes though we all still go through the process of coping and dealing with hearbreak. So for all my heartbroken girls out there, this is for you. 

1.Allow yourself time to cry. 

Crying is inevitable and there’s no need to try and keep it all in. Go ahead and cry your eyes out. He hurt you and you need to let that pain go. 

2. Stock up on icecream and chocolate.

Eating icecream or chocolate will make you feel so much better. I know this is such a cliche but studies show that being upset changes the taste of things so those who are sad tend to crave sweets. What’s more perfect than icecream AND chocolate? 

3. Get organized.

This may take awhile to do but it’s the biggest sign that you’ve finally moved on. No need to rush this but it needs to be done at some point. Here’s what you should do for this.

  • Delete every picture you have together.
  • Any item he gave you (this could be a hoodie, a stuffed animal, or even notes) put in a box. Either trash it, put it away in storage (if you aren’t ready to  completely let go), or give him these things back. 
  • There’s  nothing wrong with keeping “keepsakes” but keep those put away until you are over him. 
  • Try cleaning up your room and maybe reorganizing your furniture! Try starting over.

4. Have a girls night in or out.

It’s okay to want some alone time but too much of it can be damaging. Don’t push your friends away, they are supposed to be the ones that support you and keep you up through times like these. Call your girls up and plan a night in or a night out! This could be something as simple as a movie night or going out to a bar. Whatever your heart desires. 

5. Rebound no no. 

Beware of rebound relationships. We often rush into things and end up hurting ourselves more. Think carefully before getting involved with someone new. 

6. Take care of yourself. 

When you take care of yourself, you feel better about yourself. This can include…

  • Taking bubble baths. These are such stress relievers. Add a bath bomb and a candle for an even better experience.
  • Excercising regularly. Working out is another way to get your mind off of things and it helps keep you in shape. 
  • Relaxing is another vital step  to taking care of yourself. Meditate, practice some yoga, or even read a book. 15-20 minutes at most. 

7. Don’t post it all over social media. 

No one needs to know what happened and putting him on blast will only make you look childish and immature in the end. Bad mouthing someone won’t change how you feel. 

8. Write.

Even if you hate it, writing is good for releasing pain. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct or even make sense. Sometimes, it’s just nice to release things and get them out.

9. Distance.

Distance yourself from him. Unadd him from social media, erase his number, and just try to not see him. Cutting off all contact will hurt but it’ll help you heal faster. It may be hard, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

10. Remember to love yourself.

Often we feel that we must seek validation from guys but you need to learn to be happy on your own without a guy. Focus on yourself, school, or your career. Learn to love yourself first before you try and love anyone else again. 

Relationships gone wrong are inevitable. At some point we will all face a heartbreak but how we react and handle the situation will determine the outcome on who we will be. Use this experience as a positive one to teach you a lesson and to help you grow. 


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