WIYC we have a problem! @IamCardiB Booking Chaos

Cardi B got a bag and fixed her teeth and it looks like she also got a bag and gotta real cocky and unprofessional as well. Never thought we’d see the day that mix up and confusion would be in the same sentence as Cardi B but guess we were wrong! M.I.A Entertainment stated, ” they booked Hot New Artist Cardi B for a mini-concert in Milwaukee that sold out but they didn’t expect things to go down the way that they did”. Jay Pharoah posted a pretty lengthy paragraph on Facebook stating, “Security deposit was $10,000 just to book the date which is also non-refundable and on top of that Cardi has certain requirements when being booked – 2 private suites, 2 regular rooms with King sized beds for her entourage“. Not to mention they had to send an additional $1,500 for airfare so she can ride first class *ouch* and her entourage gets regular flights. So far we’ve calculated about $15,000 and that wasn’t including venue costs for her to host. Jay mentions she was booked on July 24th but the event wasn’t until August the 18th and things went downhill from there. They were thinking smart to protect their business name as being promoters and were going to refund tickets but decided to pay an additional fee to have Cardi B flown by Jet due to her missing her flight at the last minute. Mr.Pharoah states Cardi B and her posse had stank attitudes and nonchalant like they didn’t care about the business or fans. This low-key reminds us of the Young M.A situation that occurred in New Orleans. Maybe it’s something in the New artist’s water! We are just hoping that Cardi B comes forward and clears things up.

Full story —-> Click Here


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