Zodiac Signs

What’s Your Zodiac Sign?

#Virgo: Passionate But Can Be VERY Self Centered. Loves Hard & Will Hold You Down. Has a Quick Temper and will Catch An Attitude If They Can’t Have Your Attention. They Flirt Without Trying. 

#Cancer: Hates People But Gets Along With Them VERY Well. Stays To self. Takes You A While To Earn Their Trust. VERY LOYAL But Sometimes Takes FOREVER To Find Someone To Match Their Loyalty. 

#Libra: Independent, They Never Depend On Anything Or Anyone. They never expect anyone to stay. Their Love Is AMAZING But Their Harsh Words Will Hurt just As Much. You’re VERY LUCKY If They Still Love You After Hurting Them It doesn’t Happen Often.

#Aquarius: Hide Their Feelings But Show Them Through The Weirdest Ways Even When They Don’t Know. Have The QUICKEST Temper You’ll SWEAR They’re Bipolar. It’s Hard For Them To Love But Once They Do It’s Hard To Let Go. VERY FORGETFUL , They Can’t Remember Shit. 

#Sagittarius: VERY Forgiving , Even When Your Not Good For Them They Tend To Still Work With You But Once They Let Go They’re DONE , The Respect Will ALWAYS Be There But The Feelings Are Lost. 

#Gemini: They’re MORE About Being Accepted But Are ALWAYS Judged For No Reason. Very Passionate About Their Goals & Plans. Always Have Something Going For Themselves. They’d Rather Break Their Back Working Than To Just Be Sitting There Doing Nothing. But are very lazy When Relaxed. 

#Aries: EASY To Fall In Love With , Hard To Get Over. Takes Long To Fall In Love , But Very Quick To Move On , Unless You Have A Spark THEY’RE SPRUNG. Can Hate & Love You At The Same Time. Hates Drama But Either Laughs At It Or Walks Away From It. 

#Taurus: Goofy As Hell. Will Give You The Laugh Of The Day. Speaks Their Mind OFTEN But Hide How They Feel Around People. Once You Hurt Them They’re Heartless. There Is No Way Back. 

#Leo: Loves Too Damn Hard. No Matter How Many Times You Hurt Them They’re Arms Will ALWAYS Be Open For You. NEVER Question Their Loyalty. They Love To Laugh , & They Love , Love. Love Is Their Favorite Subject To Learn But RESPECT Is What They Teach. 

#Scorpio:Very Realistic In Life But Their Mind Won’t Accept Life The Way It Is. They’d Rather Follow Their Own Rules Because It Makes More Sense. They’re Jokes Are Joyful But Being Real Is Hurtful. They Rather Kill You Than To Take A Broken Heart. 

#Capricorn: As Easy/Hard As They Love , Is As Easy/Hard For Them To Move On. They’re Very Secretive So Be careful. They Tell On Themselves When They Lie So Pay CLOSE Attention Because It’s VERY Hard To Notice. They Don’t Really NEED Love , They Rather Play Until They Get Bored But Always End Up Falling In Love 

#Pisces: Very Sensitive & Dependent. Cry Babies. Becareful What You Say To Them They stay in their Feelings. They’re VERY Quick To Cut You Off. Either They Hate You Or Scared To Get Hurt. They’re GODS Of Love , Very Loyal & Will SPOIL You To Death. They LOVE Love. Before You Ask For A Favor They’d Always Be Prepared.

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