Things You Need To Know When Preparing For A Hurricane

No, we aren’t asking you to prepare for the Rap Artist ” Hurricane Chris ” so don’t go singing Ay Bay Bay lol…. Since Hurricane Harvey will be hitting South Texas Coast we decided that it would be essential for us to give tips on what to do when preparing for a Hurricane since not many people know.

  • Secure all important documents – social security cards, birth certificates, banking information, documents about your home/apt etc; secure those documents with a Ziploc/sandwich bag 


  • Plan ahead and take a video or photos of your property before you leave. This will help you later with insurance claims that you’ll need to file


  • Consider booking a room in a hotel in a nearby town or state. Make sure to get directions and put them in the car ahead of time so that you are able to act fast. You may even head for temporary hurricane shelters or relatives.


  • If you have pets then you should first look for pet-friendly hotels so you can keep your pets with you. Otherwise, you’ll need to find housing for your pets until it is safe for everyone to return.


  • Designate an easy-to-remember spot, such as your hall closet/bedroom, to keep a bag of clothes for each person in the household. Make sure to include sleeping gear if you plan on going to a temporary shelter.


  • Organize a hurricane kitinclude overnight clothes, batteries, flashlights, battery operated radio/television, back up batteries for your cell phones, bottled water, toilet paper, non-perishable foods such as crackers and canned goods (bring a can opener), candles and prescription medicines. Parents with young children should also bring diapers, baby wipes, formula and baby food.


  • Just in case the power might be out for a long time. ATM’s may not be working, it would be a good idea to include some cash in your hurricane kit to make sure you are good financially during the disaster.


  • Although it’s smart but not necessary, board games, books, coloring books or a deck of cards will come in handy, helping you keep your children occupied and entertained. Crafts and crayons are always great distractions for kids as well. Store some in your overnight bag or the trunk of your car.


  • BE CAREFUL if you decide to stay home, plywood is great material for you to have on hand. Boarding up windows to keep wind and rain from destroying your home is an effective frontline. If boards are not available, protect your windows from the wind by crisscrossing them with layers of duct or packing tape.


  • Last but not least, if you decide to tough it out through the storm, then stay inside and stay put. No matter how tempting it may be to videotape or take photos of the storm, be sure to shoot all footage from inside.

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