True Beauty.

What is true beauty? I find myself asking this question a lot. You see, we have this twisted, distorted idea of what beauty is. It’s not our faults though, society is to blame. 
We have been born into a world where we are fed unrealistic expectations. A world where media controls how we think, feel, and see ourselves. Not only that, but how we view others.

These petty expectations have begun to pile up and we are starting to drown in them. 
You are too skinny. You aren’t skinny enough. You are fit. You are way to fit, its gross. Your hair is frizzy and you have acne. You don’t have designer clothing so you aren’t cool. You wear “revealing” clothing and that’s hot but you are a hoe. You are “conservative” and that’s good but you are prude. You just won’t ever be good enough. You can’t compete nor compare to the models on that magazine. 

What’s considered the “perfect” body. Sadly, most of this is photoshop and it’s just not healthy nor is it attainable. No shame to the itty bitty girls that naturally look like this! All body sizes are beautiful and not just one body size should be glorified. 

What true bodies look like. Untouched, no photoshop. This is what our bodies look like. Thin, tall, curves, and so much more. This is beautiful. 

Enough is enough. When are you going to realize that you are worth more than what people think and more than what people say.

Your beauty can not be found in diet pills or in hair products. It can not be determined by numbers that flash across a scale or by our reflections in the mirror. It can’t be made by photoshop or by “perfecting” a “flawless” face. It can’t be found in clothing, skincare, or the words that someone says.

True beauty comes from within your heart. It’s the way your laugh sounds like a sweet song. It’s the way your smile lights up a room and the way your eyes shine bright. It’s the passion you have for whatever your goals are in life. It’s the way you speak and the way you love uncontrollably. 

Don’t live your life every single day trying to meet an impractical expectation only to go unnoticed and still unaccepted in the end. The minute you try to change how you look is the minute you lose yourself as a whole. 

Live life your way and learn to love yourself flaws and all. Nobody is perfect but that’s what makes us human.


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