“United We Stand”….

Finally it’s Friday, the official start of the weekend and as I sat and wondered what I wanted the main topic to be for Friday, I decided I was going to make it based on things I’m super excited or passionate about. Referring to it as Fired Up Friday or for short, Fire Friday’s. It can and will be on anything I’m finding myself truly interested in at the current moment. For example it could be a current fashion trend I’m obsessed with , something going on in the world, a company I’m in love with, or really anything else for that matter. As long as it is something that gets me hype, I want to share it with you. I would also love to hear what things you are truly passionate about; so please feel free to leave them below in the comment section.

For this first Fired Up Friday I wanted to discuss the concept of being true to you. Standing strong on your personal beliefs and not being intimidated by those who try to break you down because you have a difference of opinion. If you believe in something and have supporting arguments to back up your thought process, then do NOT let anyone ever tell you that you can’t have those beliefs.

First off, your own personal beliefs are your natural born right. You are completely entitled to have a difference of opinion; (especially if you have personally lived through circumstances that back up your opinion(s)). I feel like often in society we are pushed to pick a side on something. It’s almost as though you can’t be in the middle on an issue; you HAVE to pick one side or another.

It’s really unfortunate because this only furthers the divide amongst the people. I mean “united we stand”?! It couldn’t be further from that. Think about….there is a divide on almost everything in our world. Religion, race, ethnicity, political position, socioeconomic status, and so much more. The list goes on and on, and is even in everyday, simple things like what cellphone provider we use, where we shop for clothes, makeup brands we love, etc.. How can we be so “united”, yet so far apart?

Now I understand that on certain things, we will automatically be “divided” because of what we believe and our opinions, but there are so many issues that could be resolved if there wasn’t such a divide. The two biggest forms of separation occur on a much more serious, higher level. Such as the fact that there is no longer a middle class. It’s basically “the elite”, and then everyone else which “the elite” often like to refer too as “the common folk”. Seriously it’s almost 2018 and that is our reality?!

I’m not going to get into the very dark and deep rabbit hole that I’ve already touched on more than I would personally prefer, however it is the truth; as sad and disturbing as it may be. If there wasn’t such an urgency on finding where you belong and conforming yourself to “fit in”, we would see that we are capable of coming together and truly being a more united front. I feel like it’s not going to come from anywhere else but us, you and me.

Therefore, I think it’s much better to stand your ground and hold onto your personal beliefs, even if it means you’re risking not “fitting in”. As opposed to the latter, where we give up those natural born freedoms/rights, to know we have some place we belong. I wanted to leave you with this thought….did you ever stop and realize you already technically have some place where you belong? It’s right here, where you’ve been all along.

Remember….STAY TRUE and STAY YOU!


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