Booty on a Budget. 

I love cute undies so when I discovered a monthly subscription that delivers undies to your doorstep every month I just had to try it out. 

The subscription company is called BootayBag! Here’s what you need to know. 

  • It cost $12 a month and you receive two pairs of undies each month! 
  • You have the option to skip months or cancel at any given time. 
  • For $13 you can add a bralette to your order!
  •  Customer service is great and always helps you if you are having trouble track your order.
  • The undies come in that cute little bag (shown in the picture) so it’s discreet!
  • They have different options to choose your style of undies! You can choose from only thongs, mix it up, and no thongs at all! 
  • Each month is a different color scheme and a new pair of undies so ya never know what you are going to get.

When my BootayBag finally came in the mail I was so excited. Typically, I don’t do these subscription services but I’m a huge lover of cute undies and what’s better than getting them delivered to you?

After opening my BootayBag, I fell in love! Both of the undies I received are very good quality and cute! 

All in all, I am going to continue this subscription because it beats driving to Victoria Secret and paying $11 for just one pair of undies. If you get the chance, I’d recommend checking them out!! It’s for sure worth it. 


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