How To Be Happy 101 in 6 Steps

So in life we can sometimes struggle with how to be happy, and how we can stay happy.

Happy person equals a happy life!



There are many different ways and things that a person can do to maintain happiness, but I am going to list the ways and what I do to ensure my happiness.

Nobody gives you your happiness but you, therefore no one has the ability to take it away but you.

So let’s dive in to Kiriah’s 6 steps to a happy, happy life! Lets get started with the first step.

  1. Never allow anyone to control when you are happy or why you are happy.
    • Don’t allow someone to tell you what not to be happy about or what you are happy about isn’t enough.
  2. Fit time in your schedule for yourself.
    • Mediate. Woo-sah after a long day.
  3. Live in the moment.
    • Don’t worry about the troubles of yesterday. Don’t dwell on the past. What happened in the past needs to stay there. Live for today. Live in the moment.
  4. SMILE
    • Smile. If you’re having a bad day, SMILE, it can totally change your mood. Smiling is contagious.
  5. Stop overthinking things.
    • We all do it. Overthink things and that cause a bigger problem than what it actually is.
  6. Look for the Good.
    • Some situations we tend to think that nothing good can come out of what we are in. Take a deep breath, and positive thoughts.

All in All, we (you) determine your own happiness. Get out there and make yourself happy!




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