Knockout or Payout – Mayweather vs Mcgregor


In his return from his 2 year retirement Money Mayweather ” TKO ” Mcgregor in the 10th round as they say. Questions surface Knockout or Payout? Did you actually pay close attention to the situation at hand? Back in the day boxing was about skill set and performance nowadays it seems like it’s more about money and being paid. Was the fight rigged? Did you waste your money just so Mayweather could still hold title ” Heavyweight Champion ” but not typically be the heavyweight champion? The refs ended the fight but Mcgregor didn’t hug the ropes nor was it a true knockout but Mayweather won but how was that? Seems interesting that a professional of a sport where they endure kicks to the head, broken noses, and faces so bloody that  you can swim in a pool of blood, would just get knocked out still standing and no gesture that he couldn’t continue. Each contender stood to make enough money that win, lose, or draw it didn’t matter. I look back at the greatest matches like Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler, or Ali vs Frazier just to name a few were they were real boxing matches full of skill and talent. Quite frankly the fight was disappointing to say the least, and to say the most nothing more than a payout, and good ole “rig”. Most people questioned if it was unfair or not really a TKO why was Mcgregor not mad enough to dispute it. With 30 mill or more waiting on you, would you? Welcome to the new world boxing, they should indeed name it the money ring.



Photo Credits– Bing images


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