The 2017 VMA’s and the Moon Man goes to….

Happy Sunday Evening Everyone! For today’s post I wanted to try something a little bit different then what I normally go with. I thought with tonight being the 2017 Video Music Awards, that I would briefly discuss a few of the categories, as well as the corresponding nominees. MTV was such a huge part of my childhood and growing up; and even though it is severely different from what it once was (in my opinion), the Video Music Awards are still one of my favorite things to watch on television.

Now, I know I don’t usually touch on topics like this, however, I do truly love music and it has always been an important part of my life. Therefore, I felt confident enough hat I would be able to do a post on it. I’m not going to go over each category, but instead my top 3 favorite categories and the 3 nominees I would most like to see win. Please just bare with me if it’s not the longest, most detailed, and/ best piece I’ve written to date lol. That being said, let’s get started….

The first category I wanted to mention is “best new artist”. Out of all the incredibly talented nominees in this category, the artist I am hoping to win is Khalid. I absolutely LOVE his music; I think his lyrics have actual meaning behind them, which causes real emotions to arise for me whenever I am listening to his songs. I constantly find myself putting on his album and I literally loose myself in his music, which is something I look for in any artist I listen too. If they have the ability to make everything around me cease to exist while I listen to a song they’ve done, then chances are, they will quickly be added to the list as one of my faves. I would really love to see him win the award for “best new artist”.

For the second category I wanted to mention is, “Video of the Year. If you know me, you probably already know the nominee I would like to see win is: DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller for Wild Thoughts. Between DJ Khaled, the true talent that is Rihanna, while combining it with Tiller’s smooth sound, it was an absolute match made in heaven. I actually have that song as my current ringtone on my iPhone as well as the sound for almost all of my alerts on my phone. The video is just as enticing and exciting, the direction on point and is absolute fire (in my opinion); it’s an absolute win in my book.

As for the last category that I’m going to share in this post, it is for “Artist of the Year”. Now this was probably the easiest decision out of all 3 categories I have mentioned. The artist I want to see take home the moon man for “Artist of the Year” is The Weeknd. There hasn’t been a single album that he has created that I have not been absolute obsessed with. And honestly, this year he released some of his best songs to date (in my opinion). I have actually cried listening to some of his lyrics, that’s how moved I have been. The first time I ever listened to The Weeknd, I was in a very dark time in my life; I’m not sure if it is largely due to this, that it is the reason for why I’ve always enjoyed his music or if it is a combination of things, but I truly hope I get to see him win this nomination.

So will you be tuning in and watching the 2017 VMA’s?! If you answered yes, what categories are you most excited for? Which artists would you like to see win in the three categories I mentioned above? I would love to read your replies, so please feel free to leave them in the comments below!


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