Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge 

You do what you can when you can do it. But if you’re not trying to fix the issue you’re adding to the issue. Many posts were made via social media about ” how much we support celebrities but when a city/state is going through a mid-life crisis the only thing the celebrities that we support do is post videos or post statuses on social media”. With that being said a man with a little body but big heart “Kevin Hart” challenges all celebrities to donate to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Kevin Hart posted on instagram ” I am calling this the Hurricane Harvey Relief challenge” and called out The Rock, Chris Brown, Beyonce’, Jay-Z, Dave Chapelle, Steve Harvey, Justin Timberlake and many more to accept his challenge. He also stated the link will be in his bio and other celebrities followed in line by putting the link in their bios as well. Donations were made by several celebrities 

  • Chris Brown – donated $100,000
  • Kandi – donated $10,000
  • The Rock – donated 25,000
  • DJ Khaled – donated $25,000
  • Wendy Williams donated as well 

It’s always nice to see celebs come together and help when they can. If you would like to donate click the link —-> Please Donate

WIYC thoughts and prayers are with Texas #PrayForHouston 


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