Happy Birthday!

Woohoo it’s Wednesday, which means we are officially halfway through the work week/week in general! I’ve decided Wednesday’s will be “Wacky Wednesday” and basically a free fall for any topic. What I ultimately hope for as I continue to submit blog posts, is that I will start receiving comments asking or recommending certain topics that people would like me to write about. Then on the days of the week that I don’t have designated to specific themes/topics, I would pick one of the suggested ideas and write about that. However for now, I am going to try and focus Wednesday’s on topics that are not as serious or deep (yet still personal), as some of the other days of the week. As well as topics that are based off of either current or semi-current events. So without further ado, I give you this week’s “Wacky Wednesday” blog post!

Did you know that in exactly one week, I will no longer be thirty years old but instead thirty-one! Yup, next Wednesday is my birthday and that got me thinking about the commonly asked question/thought that is: is there an age where you “should” stop celebrating your birthday or expecting any type of presents?

I’ve often found that more than a few people, will begin to look at their birthday as just another day on the calendar after a certain age. Now I understand that after a certain age, your birthday won’t be nearly as exciting as it once was; however, I don’t think there is ever an official age where anyone should stop celebrating their birthday.

In fact, I think it becomes even more of a celebration after a certain age because once you hit “that” age, it truly is a celebration to be able to have another year and more time with those you love and care for. I mean you definitely shouldn’t ask me what I think “that” specific age is, because I’m not really sure myself. However, I can tell you that I definitely do not think it is anything before eighty years old (at least).

That being said, from the moment our parent(s) find out that they are bringing a child into this world, to the moment we pass….every single birthday should be celebrated. The gift of life is one of the most beautiful things we as humans, get to take part in and experience (in my opinion and if at the right time). (But this isn’t a public service announcement about what I believe is the right time, nor is that something I’m comfortable discussing, as it is an extremely personal, sensitive and controversial topic).

I am very serious when I say I think everyday should be celebrated, and the notion that we each get one specific day to truly celebrate being alive and being who we are, is a wonderful opportunity and moment in time. I think too often the notion of being alive can be taken for granted. Furthermore, this may be the view for some until that one specific moment something life changing occurs.

For me, birthdays, the meaning behind it, the gift of life….it has always been incredibly special for me. I think this is largely due to my two, amazing parents and how special they have always made my birth and birthday (even with me being an adult and almost thirty-one years old). I am forever grateful that they have passed this ideology onto me because it really does make you appreciate certain things more than most (I only say “most” due to my own personal beliefs that are derived from own life experiences).

As far as the “getting presents” and whether or not there is an age where you should no longer expect anyone to bring a present with them, when they join you for your birthday celebration; I’m only going to say this. I don’t really believe anyone should ever expect a present from anyone on their birthday (even if you’re a child). I’m not saying there is anything wrong with dropping hints to those closest to you, as your birthday approaches, but not to expect that you will receive them solely because it is your birthday. I know this sounds super contradictory to what I’ve spent most of this blog post saying. However, the key word in all of this is “expecting” and this also ties together with not expecting anything even as a child, because then you have to come to terms with there being a certain age where the gifts stop coming. Again, I believe it’s completely fine to drop little hints about items you’ve really been wanting to get, but when you expect something (whatever it may be), you’re actually automatically setting yourself up for the possibility to be disappointed.

Now I know some people are going to read that last paragraph and think that my reasoning for never expecting anything, is largely due to my mental illness or negative mind set; but in fact it’s really the exact opposite. Each year is like a fresh start, almost like I have the option to press a reset button (in case I wasn’t really pleased with the outcome of the previous year). And yes, it’s true, I absolutely love to receive presents; I even love watching haul videos on YouTube. The difference is, that I simply don’t expect anything from anyone but myself, because the only thing I have true control over, is myself. Therefore, how would it be fair for me to expect someone else to bring me a present on my birthday? Nor would I ever be like: “in order to come help celebrate my birthday, you must bring me a present”.

I really don’t want to discuss it any more than I already have, because for me the true celebration, and the true gift, is life and being able to share this special day with the ones I love (of course this is from my point of view and in my opinion; I by no means am saying I have the answer, nor that my opinion is the only way). I genuinely believe that we are part of a society where self worth is largely measured by monetary value, and this is something I differ from greatly. I wasn’t always of the mindset that I have now. It took a lot of time (many years), finally becoming comfortable in my own skin, understanding myself (to almost the fullest extent), and having to change a lot (not all), of my core values/beliefs (because I wanted too), before I started being able to understand what that statement/thought really means (a change that I believe was for the better). I will say, that once I changed most of my core values and beliefs, it ignited something in me. Something, that made me even more passionate about living and understanding my self-worth. It helped me to make sure I got the most out of each day and to realize that it’s the little things in life that make it so special.

My birthday, (anyone’s birthday for that matter), is a very special day. Not only for those who care about me and love me, but for me as well. Just because I am about to turn thirty-one, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t celebrate my birthday and acknowledge that it is a special day. Furthermore, I will be completely honest and admit that I very much so, am hoping to get these few things I have wanted for quite some time. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I understood what my true purpose in life was; but now that I know that I am meant to leave a mark on this world, to help make a difference, every single day I strive to get one step closer to accomplishing just that.

So in my personal opinion, there is no specific age where you should stop celebrating your birth. You should always celebrate that special day, no matter how old you are. I also don’t think there is a specific “cutoff age” or anything wrong with wanting to receive presents on your birthday. However, I think expecting to receive presents on your birthday, or for it to be a requirement for attending your birthday celebration (and yes I have actually seen this included on a birthday invitation, which is why I’m even mentioning it), is never okay at any age or by any means.

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot the most important part! Just because my birthday is still a week away, chances are that it is someone’s birthday today, and the next day and whatever day you find yourself reading this post. So….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope this year is filled with lots of laughter, good health and tons of success for you, and remember, Stay Sweet ♡ Stay True ♡ Stay You!


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