iPhone 8 Rumors: Hit or Miss?!

Happy Tech Thursday Everyone! Only one more day to go in the work week and then it’s officially the weekend! I’ve been hearing a lot lately, that Thursday’s are actually Friday Jr, and I have to say I kinda like it lol.

Now, normally I would follow this week’s post off of last weeks tech related blog post, which would be the first step on customizing your iPhone without being jailbroken. However, we are officially about 2 weeks away from Apple’s big event and since I’m a total Apple fan girl, I thought I would take this week’s blog post and discuss my thoughts on the iPhone 8.

First off, let me start by making it really clear just how much of an Apple fan girl I am, by stating that it is a goal of mine to one day have all Apple EVERYTHING. I currently have the iPhone 7 Plus, a late 2015 MacBook Air, and the Series 1 (not the original), Apple Watch 38 MM. I am not trying to brag at all by listing off my current Apple devices, but merely trying to show just how much I truly love Apple Products.

That being said, I also want to be very clear that I am not pleased with the rumored design of the iPhone 8 at all. The only feature I’m excited for is the edge to edge display because I think it will look beautiful and although the bezels don’t really bother me (mainly because it’s all I’m used to when it comes to the iPhone); I do think having the edge to edge design is super clean and paired with OLED display is a gorgeous combination. However, this is literally the only rumored change I am excited about. The biggest disappointment (in my opinion), is the camera becoming vertical. While I fully understand the need for having to make the camera vertical, I don’t like it and wish there was a way around it. I don’t think it looks appealing in most cases that I’ve seen so far, and I really don’t think I will like how it looks any more so even, if it is paired with either one of the two cases companies I prefer to use.

The second major rumored change is a massive cut down on the color ways being offered for the iPhone 8. I understand that you can’t really have a matte black iPhone with an all glass design, but I think the matte black was gorgeous and was really looking forward to that being the next iPhone color I tried. And don’t even get me started on the “blush gold or golden blush” color that is replacing the rose gold. I mean let’s be real Apple, it’s COPPER/BRONZE. By no means does that look rose gold (to me). I also know that some would argue the current rose gold iPhone isn’t a true rose gold either; but instead more pink. Either way, the current rose gold offered is a much prettier color and I think it would look absolutely stunning in an all glass design.

Also while staying on the rumored color options…why is there no white being offered either? I mean I understand the silver looks strikingly close to white at some angles, but again same issue as the new “blushed gold”….it still isn’t white. I just don’t understand why they are taking away so many colors and only reducing it to three. Then again, maybe Apple has a surprise color up their sleeve that they are saving for the actual announcement.

The last iPhone 8 rumor I want to discuss, is the wireless charging, that it won’t even be at the standard rate as most wireless chargers are, and that the wireless charging pad will be sold separately. Now, if we are being honest that last part is a classic Apple move. They’ve already done this during the iPhone 7/7 Plus release when they introduced the air buds; so that doesn’t really surprise me. However, the rumor I’m really upset about is that the wireless charging might not be a true, fast charge experience. I do not understand why Apple would release wireless charging when it is rumored to be half the power of most wireless chargers on the market. I mean, what will be the point of spending the extra money to get the wireless charging pad, if it’s not even going to reduce the already incredibly long charging time by much?! Makes no sense to me and that’s coming from someone who wants to one day have everything Apple.

I know these are all rumors and nothing is official until the Apple event takes place and we hear it from Apple directly. However, the sources that have reported these rumors, are all very reliable sources that have been right on multiple occasions in the past. So I’m more inclined to think that being this close to the actual Apple event, we wouldn’t really be hearing things that had a high percentage of being wrong.

So now I want to hear from you…are you excited for the iPhone 8? What are the features you’re looking or not looking forward too? Do you think Apple has any surprises up their sleeve? Please feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below!


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