When Love Kills – The Falicia Blakey Story 

First and Foremost I would like to say this movie was a definite MUST SEE! TV ONE was onto something when they premiered this movie. I commend the actors they played their roles very well to the point it almost made you upset at them personally and they were only acting. Lil Mama, Lance Gross, Tami Roman and Tiffany Black did an awesome job in the movie it felt so real and they were in tune with their characters. Lil Mama you’ve earned your stripes the GLO UP is real lol. Falicia Blakely’s story touched me in a different way although TV ONE premiered the movie which again was outstanding I had to do research because I wanted to know the real story. Mike Berry – Falicia’s boyfriend/pimp was a very manipulative man and highly abusive! I understood her relationship on a different level because I’ve been in a manipulative and abusive relationship not to the extent of prostitution and killing but I’ve been there. Ladies it’s very important to be active in your children(s) lives because they turn to other things that’s why things like this happen. I saw on social media where they bashed Falicia for the things she did and not saying she was right but she’s the definition of looking for love in all the wrong places and finding the wrong man to say all the right things at the right and wrong time. Yes, i hate what happened because innocent men were killed in the crossfire that’s exactly what happens when love kills. I don’t want to spoil the movie too much I just want our readers to watch the movie. Falicia you’ve touched many with your story I hate what happened but take the negative and turn it into a positive! I also was able to find her instagram and saw posts about her son ( which in the movie she had a daughter ) and it seems they have a pretty great relationship I just wish at the time she was able to have bonding time with him although she wasn’t allowed. I know for sure this movie touched millions of lives across the nation and to anyone that is going through this or a similar situation it’s okay to get up and walk away, it’s okay to leave don’t let a soul tell you different. “When Love Kills” is a movie about deceit, betrayal, death, prostitution, hustle and more. This movie is a must see as I said earlier in the post great job everyone! 

Photo Credits— Google images 


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