Africa with intense rains and mudslides – kills 1,240 and counting in mid-August


While putting Hurricane affected states in a state of emergency is important we can’t forget where Hurricanes are formed/started. The rainy seasoned is welcomed in parts of Africa ( giving them a break from the heat/dry season ) although it’s not invited sometimes it makes its own entrance in a major way. It’s like that friend that you’ve told where you lived and they know how to get there backward and forward but instead of calling before they come they invite themselves. The flood disasters so far in 2017 have led to a death toll numbering in hundreds in parts of Africa. It’s important that we keep up with what’s going on in the US but also when you have a large death toll in Southeast Asia and Africa it’s important we keep up with that as well. I’m not saying keep up with it because you have to, I’m saying keep up with it because it’s the right thing to do not only just that but because we have some of the hardest workers in the US that come from those countries and it’s just as IMPORTANT! Hurricane Harvey was the strongest Hurricane since Katrina with only a reported death toll of 50 people across Texas but across Africa with intense rains and mudslides have killed at least 1,240 people in August alone. But while the devastation in Houston could of have been avoided, many recent flood disasters and mudslides have been amplified over the years due to poorly planned drainage systems. In other news, while rescue and relief plans in Houston and other areas have successfully saved a humongous amount of lives and helped survivors, the same can’t be said about parts of Africa that are affected by the floods and mudslides and it’s rather sad. What can we do to help those areas? Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital was rocked by it’s worst natural disaster in mid-August. It has been reported to have an unofficial death toll of more than 1,000 casualties and with hundreds still missing, the possibility of finding any survivors was slim to none after days of the tragedy. The mudslide happened only three years after the Ebola outbreak which killed nearly 4,000 people. Is that coincidental or mother nature? Freetown, Sierra Leone has the highest annual rainfall in Africa but the coastal city’s problems have increased drastically over the decades due to poor waste disposal habits and the government’s lack of urban planning.


Niamey NigerThousands of people were advised to evacuate last week in Niamey Niger’s capital city due to the severe flooding. The United Nations had warned more than 100,000 people back in MAY that they were at risk of the flooding and so far this year, the death toll has only topped 40 people. An enormous amount of homes have been destroyed forcing stranded residents to take shelter in nearby schools.


Ituri, DR Congo – Over 200 people have believed to have died after a mudslide hit a fishing village in DR’s Congo’s Ituri province in mid-August.


Benue, Nigeria – More than 100,000 people have been displaced by flooding in Benue State, Nigeria over the past week after intense rains. According to the state of emergency, thousands of homes and local markets and government offices were affected badly by the flood. US- born Grammy- nominated musician ” Jidenna ” has launched a social media campaign raising money for victims of the flood. Jidenna who’s father is Nigerian stated that the flood hit home.


Photo Credits — Bing Images


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